What is Tough Mudder…

Tough Mudder is a 16km obstacle course designed by British Special Forces.  Raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project, the course is designed to test participants’ strength, stamina, drive and most importantly team work! 

The Tough Mudder pledge states: 

  • I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge.
  • I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.
  • I do not whine – kids whine.
  • I help my fellow mudders complete the course.
  • I overcome all fears.

Sounds like a pledge we should apply daily! 


The course is 16km long, and includes the following obstacles:

  1. Everest – running up a quarter pipe
  2. Funky Monkey – monkey bars above an icy lake, some greased with butter
  3. Kiss of Mud – crawl in the mud under barbed wire, 8 inches high
  4. Boa Constrictor – crawl through dark tunnels filled with mud
  5. Kinky Tunnels – crawl through pitch black tunnels 
  6. Log Jammin’ – hop over or crawl under trees
  7. Spider’s Web – climb up and over 2 cargo nets
  8. Berlin Walls #1 – climb over a series of 12 foot high walls
  9. Bale Bonds – hurl over bales of hay
  10. Walk the Plank – 15 foot jump into the lake and swim out
  11. Devil’s Beard – crawl through cargo nets
  12. Mud Mile – crawl through a series of mud trenches
  13. Turd’s Net – walk over a cargo net
  14. Arctic Enema – jump into and walk through ice baths
  15. Twinkle Toes – walk across a log bridge above a pool of ice
  16. Blow Smoke up your Ass – walking up wooden steps into a pool of smoke and who knows what else
  17. Cliffhanger – climb, crawl up a steep, muddy mountain and hold on
  18. Ball Shrinker – walk across a rickety rope bridge, without falling in the river below
  19. The Trenches – wade through waist-high mud-filled trenches
  20. Hold Your Wood – drag a log up a ski slope and don’t fall on your way down
  21. Log Bog Jog – run over and under fallen trees
  22. Berlin Walls #2 – so much fun the first time, why not do them twice
  23. Fire Walker – run through kerosene soaked straw
  24. Electroshock Therapy – run through a field of live wires

I have to admit that some of these sound absolutely crazy but I want to prove to myself that I can do it…and so, I’ve signed up. 

Now all I have to do is start training to be able to do these crazy challenges, because I am NOT spending all my time falling into and crawling out of the freezing mud pools below!


8 comments on “What is Tough Mudder…

  1. This sounds crazy! Kerosene soaked straw followed by a field of live wires?! What’s the survival rate of this event? LOL

  2. […] if I switched to a heavier bar and held it on my shoulders, but I need to strengthen my grip since Tough Mudder has all those crazy cargo net challenges.  So I’m sticking to the dumbbells and to 20 pounds […]

  3. This sounds too cool!

  4. […] Your mind will quit long before your body will..don't let it. What is Tough Mudder… […]

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