Training plan…

I’ve got 5 months until Tough Mudder so I’ve designed a training schedule to work up to it and then to continue on to the Half Marathon in September and the Marathon in October.  So that I don’t overdo it (and so I don’t get bored out of my mind), my plan is to vary up the running so that the distances steadily increase weekly but I’m not pounding the pavement daily. 

Here’s my logic:

  • Mondays – are going to be my days to gauge my pace.  Now that I’ve run a marathon in 4 hours, I want my next one to be faster.  My natural, comfortable pace is around 5:35 min/km.  My marathon pace was 5:41 min/km which says to me that my body is able to run the shorter distances much faster, but I get in a comfort zone and go on cruise control.  Mondays are going to be shorter runs 6-12km where I’m going to work on getting out of that comfort zone and I’ll aim to increase my pace.
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays – are going to be weight training days.  Since Tough Mudder is all strength and endurance I’m going to structure my weight training to be the same.  The exercises will be high intensity, push/pull, trying to use my body weight as much as possible with minimal rests so that my heart rate is kept up.  I’m also going to start each training with 10 minute sprints intervals, to increase my speed but to also get me used to training tired. 
  • Wednesdays – will be speed training at the track, hills, plyometrics or fartleks…I’m sure this is going to be my shortest workout of the week and my least favourite. 
  • Fridays – are going to be my long distance days.  Once the half and full marathons near, my distances are going to increase by 3km weekly to get my body used to the long distances and to get myself used to being inside my head for so long….which in my last marathon was the hardest part to overcome.
  • Saturdays – yoga….if I’m training correctly my body is going to be in a constant state of hurt and there is nothing better to release stress (physical and mental), relax tight muscles and prevent injury than yoga.  I will try to do yoga at least two times a week, more if I have the energy.
  • Sundays – day off…I think this needs no explanation!

I’ve posted a calendar detailing the distances and types of exercises each day for those who want to see the full training schedule.  I’ll post more details on the specific workouts as I do them.

Here goes nothing…


2 comments on “Training plan…

  1. WOW! I’m out of breath just reading your schedule. But I am impressed. And you look amazing! Keep it up. And keep posting, I’ll be reading your progress. Good luck Alex.

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