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First workout…

My first workout started out as a debacle.  I woke up before my alarm at 5:20am.  Usually, I’d roll over, being thankful that I have 2 more hours of sleep left and go back to bed.  But today, I reluctantly got up and headed for the gym.  We’ve organized a running group at work so I had to get to the gym for 6:45am to run.  I thought had plenty of time to catch the bus, but of course I was half asleep so getting ready took much longer than planned.   My warm up was running to catch the bus (which I did) and standing on the subway to the gym (who knew so many people are up at 6am). 

Finally at the gym, I hoped on the treadmill to do my pre-workout daily sprints

All was going great, until I figured out at the end that I followed Week 3’s sprints accidentally!  And since I thought it was too easy and figured I had read the workout wrong and was missing something, I did it twice and added some more sprints at the end.  Waiting for everyone in our running group to come, I put the treadmill up to an 11 incline and walked to keep my legs moving.

Our run started at 6:45am as planned and we ran up the winding roads and trails of Rosedale Valley (AKA the sanctuary of the ridiculously rich).  Here’s our route, take a look if you want to get dizzy.  We followed Nick, who swore he runs this way all the time but I’ve never run a more random route.  I much prefer the trails to the streets but as we hit the first hill I was regretting my eagerness with the sprints. By the second hill I was fighting to keep my legs moving.  We finished our 6km run with a 200 yard sprint (which quickly subsided to a jog) but overall it was a great run! 

My goal for the next run will be to have enough in the tank to sprint the entire length of that last street. 

Going back to the gym, I ran into Lori, who had arrived too late to join us on our run, and she agreed to do my abs routine with me.  And THANK GOD, because my legs were shaky and I was exhausted.   I don’t think I would have stuck with it had it not been for her swearing at every rep with me.  I wasn’t expecting to be able to complete the full routine – the last time I tried it, it took me weeks to be able to do it fully.  I can’t say that we were perfect…it was probably a pretty pathetic sight and I’m sure anyone looking at our form would have been horrified, but we did it!!  Thanks again Lori, you’re the best ab workout partner a girl can ask for!  

1 down, 179 workouts to go…


One comment on “First workout…

  1. […] that I taught last night that got me all limber.  We went on almost the same run this week as the first week we started…and I felt so much better!  My shins were pretty sore since Julia worked on them yesterday […]

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