Day two…

I tried to get up today but was unable to get out of bed…my hip-flexors were on strike and refused to move!  I feel like a tin man but unfortunately I’m not sure WD40 would help.   I’m not sure if my hip-flexors are sore from yesterday’s sprints or the ab workout but I’m leaning towards the abs as I’m still not convinced that these sprints are long enough to get me this sore.  

To be nice to myself (aka procrastinate), I decided to give my body a bit of time to recoup and went to the gym in the evening. I started on the treadmill, warmed up for 3 minutes and did the Week 1 sprints this time!  Once again I found them the sprints short and easy but since my legs are in so much pain from yesterday I wasn’t complaining.  I stayed on the treadmill for 5 more minutes and walked on an incline, only because I felt my legs needed a bit more of a warm up.

I’m trying to keep all my workouts high intensity and fast-paced so I made sure i brought all the equipment that I would need to one spot for the weights routine.  I went to a pull up bar holder at the gym and brought a barbell over, two 20 pound weights and a mat…pretty easy.  I did the 8 exercises in this order and repeated the routine 4 times.

  1. Barbell Push Press  – I didn’t put any weights on as I wanted to see how challenging it would be.  I was able to do 8 reps for each set but was getting a bit wobbly by the 4th set to I think I’ll stick to this weight on Thursday.
  2. Pull-up with 2 second pause – I started by doing negative pull ups for the first 2 rounds.  I took a bench to put it under the pull up bar,  stood up on it and jumped up to where my head was over the bar (feel free to insert a short joke in here).  I hung out there for 2 seconds and lowered myself down slowly.  I was able to do 8 reps the first time, did 6 the second round, but was really lacking control on the way down.  For the last two rounds, I dropped the bar to chest height and I did 45 degree pull ups instead.  Clearly, I’m going to need to work on this!
  3. Alternating dumbbell lunge -I used 20 pound weights in each arm and alternated left and right legs for a total of 16 reps.  To switch it up I lunged forward for sets 1 and 3 and backwards for sets 2 and 4.  This was pretty easy, even with my legs being so sore, so next time I’m going to do the left leg only for 8 reps and the right leg next to see if that makes it more challenging.
  4. Single-leg glute bridge with 3 second pause – I didn’t have much problem with this, but since my hip-flexors were tight I wasn’t able to raise my hips as high as I would have liked.  I’m hoping when my legs aren’t as sore I’ll be able to go higher.
  5. Plank  – yeah, I stuck to 45 second planks here.  I started on my elbows for the first set and thought it might be harder on my hands so I did a straight-arm plank for my second set.  I think it was actually easier than the elbow plank which I can’t explain, but since I felt less pressure on my hips, I did the last two planks with my straight arms.  Maybe I’ll move onto 60 seconds next time…if I’m feeling really keen…
  6. Dumbbell floor press – I started with 10 pound weights first but it was too easy, so I switched to the 20 pound weights and stuck with them for the 4 sets.  It didn’t really get too challenging so I’m going to see if i can go up a bit on Thursday.  I’m not sure I can do 25 pounds in each hand so I’ll try to find 22.5 pound weights and try those.
  7. Bentover dumbbell row  – I stuck with the 20 pound weights here too.  It was good to start with but my form was starting to get shaky by the 8th rep and I wasn’t able to pull my elbows back as much as I should have been in the 3rd and 4th sets.  I think I’m going to drop down to 17.5 pounds next time and maybe try to hold it a second or two when I pull my elbows back to keep it challenging at the lower weight.
  8. Goblet squat  Again, it seems the leg exercises are quite easy.  I used a 20 pound weight and had no problem squatting 8 times for all 4 sets.

Overall, I like the workout!  I like the speed and intensity of it…I was done in less than 45 minutes and was sweating and breathing heavily the whole time – which was great!  I don’t think I took the whole 20 second breaks between each exercise and I definitely didn’t wait 2-3 minutes between the sets but I don’t think my form or strength suffered so I’m not going to slow it down. 

I am finding that it’s a bit too many leg exercises for what I need, and since they’re not that challenging even when I’m sore, I’m not sure I’m getting the most out of them.  I’ll stick with it and try it again on Thursday and wait to see how my legs feel at the end of the week.  If my legs get less sore, I might replace some of the leg exercises with a wider variety of upper body exercises…maybe more back or even some bicep exercises.

But for now, I’m going to ask Danny to help me off the couch as my hips are not cooperating and I still need to get my things ready for tomorrow morning’s track workout…if I’m able to get out of bed for it!

2 down, 178 workouts to go…


4 comments on “Day two…

  1. go to elitefts.com and by some of their bands. They are very affordable. I would by the long ones light and medium tension. wrap the band around the pull up bar and your feet and it will be a much better assistance then the pull up assistance machine because it resembles a actual pull up much more closely. When you get stronger you can put in your knees in the band for less assistance or put in one foot or use a weaker band, eventually no band. I do this to progressively get a client to do pull ups.

    On one another note I try to avoid slow eccentrics on pulling exercises because it can be harder on the shoulder joint.

    • Thanks, the bands are a brilliant idea, I’m definitely going to try them.

      The slow negative pull-ups are pretty hard on my joints. I don’t feel it as badly in my shoulders, but definitely in my elbow joints. Lowering down quickly just doesn’t seem to be as effective though, any idea what a good alternative would be?

      • static holds at the top of the pull up. you can do it for a set of 10 seconds and do it at the end of a set of pull up or you can do 12 sec hold the first rep 10 the sec rep and keep decreasing by 2 sec each rep. Their are a lot of variations. Static holds aren’t as hard on the joints.

      • Sounds like a plan, thanks. I’ll try that tomorrow for the next round of pull-ups.

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