No sprints for me…

The schedule for today said Sprints and I had planned to go to a track and do 10 x 100 meter sprints.  HOWEVER, my body is ridiculously sore from the past two days: I need to warm my hip-flexors before I try to get up from a chair, my abs are so tight I have to hunch for the first 5 seconds of standing up to ‘stretch them out’ and I can’t tie my hair or drink water as my triceps won’t let my arms lift over my shoulders.  All in all, it’s a great day! 

On the plus side, I am fit enough to do the workouts but it’s now becoming clear that I need to give my body more time to recuperate if I want to be able to function throughout the day…especially during week 1!!!  With that in mind, I still went to the gym but instead of doing sprints I opted for a spinning class.  This way I’m still doing the high intensity cardio and short bursts of cycling ‘sprints’ but I’m not pounding on my joints to give my body the time it needs to repair. 

I thought I was 20 minutes early for the spin class so my plan was to start with the abs workout, to follow it by the sprints and then to spin.  Had I been 100% I would have done the sprints first, but I wasn’t sure my legs would be able to do them without a long warmup. 

The abs routine was excruciating…I could barely get up to do one in and out, but I struggled through it, slowly and probably with bad form.  I got to  the leg climbs when I realized that they had closed the door to the spinning room…so much for my 20 minutes, the class start time was actually 10 minutes earlier. 

I ran into spinning quite happy not to have to grimace through the last 2 abs exercises, but dreading that I’d now have to do my sprints and the rest of the ab exercises AFTER spin.  Spin class was surprisingly good. Once warmed up my legs weren’t as stiff as I thought they would be and I was able to increase the intensity when I was out of the saddle and sprint when I was sitting.  The hardest part of the whole class was trying to stretch my arms, as they refused to go any higher than my shoulders…and I looked ridiculous! 

After spin, I hopped on the treadmill to do my sprints, which in the state of my legs, no longer seem easy.  I walked on an incline for 5 minutes to relax my legs a bit and mostly because I was dreading the last two ab exercises…finally I grabbed a mat, endured the last two ab exercises and then endured the painful process of stretching…which I think was actually more painful than the spin class and the sprints! 

While I can’t say I had the greatest workout today, I’m proud of my stubbornness to show up, work out and struggle though it.  I’m going to drink lots of water today, going to take the dog for a long walk this evening to try to flush out some of the lactic acid in my legs and stretch when I get back to try to loosen my muscles up. 

If all else fails, I’m jumping into an ice bath…

3 down, 177 workouts to go!


6 comments on “No sprints for me…

  1. awesome blog! just keep following what you think best… your body totally knows better than any schedule.

    thanks for the great read

  2. Sometimes its definitely good to put your schedule aside if you’re not feelin it.

  3. …and eat some good protein too to give the muscles what they want..Jumping into a spinning class with sore legs? You area glutton for punishment! Your workouts are really impressive!

    • I’ve been eating chicken breast like it’s going out of style…thank God it’s nicer out now so we can grill more, makes it easier to get a variety of protein and still keep it flavourfull without any additives.

      It might sound like spinning was crazy to do with sore legs but it actually helps. Getting the legs moving flushes the lactic acid out of them, which helps the inflammation and tightness…it’s counter-intuitive, I know, and it’s definitely hard to get them moving, but once they’re going, I promise you it’s not that bad – and the following day your legs will feel 10 times better.

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