Second day of weights…

I woke up today not feeling as sore as yesterday…and surprisingly my abs were ok too.  I can understand that the spinning class helped flush the lactic acid out of my legs and the stretching throughout the day loosened everything up again but I don’t understand how my abs aren’t killing me.  Especially when I repeated the crazy PX90 ab workout yesterday while barely being able to move.  Maybe my abs have given up and said ‘F it, she’s clearly not going to give us a break no matter how much we scream.’  I have no other explanation…

So here was this morning’s workout:

Sprints – today’s sprints were tough.  20 seconds felt like a minute and I felt like I was running uphill against the wind…and that’s hard to do on an indoor treadmill!  While I’ve been complaining that these sprints are too short, I’m starting to understand that they’re short for a reason..I have to do them 6 days in a row without a break!  I walked on an incline for 10 minutes after the sprints.  I had planned to do more but I was fighting to keep up with the treadmill’s 3.0 speed and itching to hold on to the bars… a clear indication that my legs were done.

Weights – since today’s weight workout will be it until next Tuesday I figured I would go all out and do as many reps as I could for the final set.  I changed my weights for a couple of the exercises based on Tuesday’s workout so here’s how it went: 

  1. Barbell Push Press  – just using the barbell was a challenge on Tuesday and since I was more fatigued today, I kept it that way.  The 8th rep of each set was challenging and I maxed out on the 10th rep of the 4th set, which means I’m at the weight I should be.  Next week, I’m going to try to max out each set to see how many I can do.  If  I’m able to do over 12 I’ll add weights to the bar in the future.
  2. Pull-up with 2 second pause – My elbows are still sore from Tuesday so I knew this would be a challenge.  I used the pull-up machine for the first set to assist me, but just felt I wasn’t getting enough out of it, so I went back to 45 degree pullups on the barbell and tried to hold at the top for 2 seconds.  This one’s always a killer for me, and I’m dying by the 8th set and barely able to hold on.  I maxed out at 8 on the 4th set, which isn’t a surprise.
  3. Alternating dumbbell lunge -I changed it to do 8 reps with the left leg only and 8 with the right leg only this time and it still wasn’t challenging.  The only thing that’s challenging for me here is holding on to the 20 pound weights for the whole time.  I think I would feel it in my legs more if I switched to a heavier bar and held it on my shoulders, but I need to strengthen my grip since Tough Mudder has all those crazy cargo net challenges.  So I’m sticking to the dumbbells and to 20 pounds since that’s all my grip can handle right now.
  4. Single-leg glute bridge with 3 second pause – I was able to lift my hips higher today and could have gone on forever so I’m not sure this is adding any value to my workout…I might change this to another back exercise next week…or maybe some pushups!
  5. Plank  – since my abs felt too good to be true today, I upped the time to hold the plank to a minute for each set and kept my straight arms.  It was definitely challenging but I did it.  On the 4th set, I put my timer to 2 minutes hoping for the best…slightly overambitious as I  collapsed at 1:01.
  6. Dumbbell floor press – I couldn’t find 22.5 pound weights so I stuck with the 20 pounds.  By my last set I maxed out at 15 which isn’t too bad.  I’ll start maxing out each set here too next week to see how it goes.
  7. Bentover dumbbell row  – I took the weights down to 15 pounds and held them at the top trying to press my elbows together behind my back for 2 seconds.  I felt a lot better than Tuesday when I was fighting to keep my  form using 20 pound weights.  I maxed out at 16 reps on the last set so overall this exercise is a keeper!
  8. Goblet squat  Blah, this isn’t challenging me either.  I might just lose the static leg exercises and switch to plyos or maybe do wall squats…

Today’s workout felt great!  Even though it was only the second time I’ve done it, I was able to go through the 4 sets with no rest other than to grab water now and then.  It was challenging, I was dripping with sweat the whole time and most of the exercises felt really good. 

I’m going to think about what to replace the single leg bridge and the goblet squats with…I’m open to suggestions…

4 down, 176 workouts to go…


4 comments on “Second day of weights…

  1. Al your work out sounds amazing! It sounds like your glutes are strong since neither of the exercises you did for them (goblet squat and bridge) really challenged you. When you’re doing the bridges make sure you bear down through your abs and squeeze your butt while you’re up. To make that more challenging, you can always tie a theraband around your knees (or they make circular ones which are fun) and try to pull your legs out to the side, apart from each other, while you’re up. Another function of the glutes aside from hip extension is abduction, so that addition would be a double whammy 🙂 Other suggestions that I have for glutes are squat jumps (which would incorporate more cardio since this would be a plyo), turkish get ups, squats with a kettle bell, and monster walks!

    You are one tough mudder!


  2. Hey Alex! Great job! There’s a great article on Life Hackerabout how it’s not lactic acid that makes you sore. It’s the tiny tears in your muscle – but those tiny tears are how you build more muscle and get stronger. Check it out: http://lifehacker.com/5895140/10-stubborn-exercise-myths-that-wont-die-debunked-by-science

    So celebrate that soreness when it happens (and when it doesn’t). You’ll be able to bounce a quarter off your abs (you probs already are)

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