Running free…

I woke up feeling great today.  My abs are a bit tight and my elbow joints are still sore but my upper body is good, my legs are good…overall about a 7 out of 10!

My training schedule says 8.5km, so that’s what I put into my Nike + GPS app and went running on the roads by my house.  If you’d like to see my route, here it is.

I started with a jog to warm up, and at 4 minutes I started doing my sprints. This was the first time I did them outside and it was so much harder than on the treadmill.  It was hard to keep my pace solid for the entire 20 seconds, the 10 seconds break passed too fast and even 15 seconds of sprinting seemed too long.  I’m sure my body is able to do these sprints, but I could tell that mentally, I was tired.  After I finished my sprints, I went a bit slower for a minute to catch my breath and continued on my run. 

My pace for every km was:

  • 1st km – 4:14min, the sprints helped here
  • 2nd km – 5:39min, even with the slower pace to rest from the sprints I was able to get back to my regular pace
  • 3rd km – 5:55min, I don’t think I took enough time to recuperate from the sprints as my legs started feeling heavy.  There were also a couple of hills in there which didn’t help my case
  • 4th km – 5:23min, much better pace, my legs started to get back into the groove
  • 5th km – 5:07min, I had no idea that I went so fast, I’m impressed!
  • 6th km – 5:32min, that’s my usual pace, where my body naturally goes if I’m not thinking about running and just coasting
  • 7th km – 5:38min, again, pretty usual pace
  • 8th km – 5:33min
  • 9th km – 4:24min I increased my pace when I heard that I was at 8km, so my last 500 meters would be all out.  But when I got to 8.5km I was feeling good and Nickelback’s Burn it to the Ground was blaring in my ears, so how could I not keep running!!  I should just put this song on repeat cause if I could run at this pace the whole time, I’d be over the moon.

I came home, stretched and since my right quad was feeling a bit tight, I was planning to procrastinate and do my abs routine later in the day.  I turned on the TV and went to make my breakfast when I hear the P90X infomercial come on.  So I took it as a sign to get my butt in gear and went to do my abs.  With my legs tired and my abs still sore, it didn’t feel great but I was able to do all the exercises except the v-up, roll-ups.  I swear that exercise is the bane of my existence.

So glad that I’m done…and when I looked outside it started pouring rain just after I came in…bonus!

5 done, 175 workouts to go…


3 comments on “Running free…

  1. Great job Alex. OMG they are some smoking Km’s. You got roller skates? Please forgive me…the title of your post reminded me of one of my favorite running tunes from way back, Running Free by Iron Maiden. I had the song in my Ipod for the longest time and just would try to have my feet hitting the pavement in sinc with the drum beat. It was a pretty good gallop! Ya gotta have some attitude when your kickin butt on the road!

    Keep up your great work!

  2. I haven’t heard this song in a long time! It does have a great beat for running or something crazy like doing stairs. I’m going to start a page for good songs to keep you motivated, you can never have enough.

  3. You’re a stair climber too, huh? You are punishing your body, aren’t you? 😛 Yea, I would be interested in your running tunes if you have Nickleback on them. For some reason I have Rob Zombie doing a lot of my running songs. Go figure? He’s not a favorite.

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