Running in the cold…

What happened to our beautiful weather…I was out in a tank top yesterday and this morning I almost took my winter coat with me on the run.  It was -3 degrees Celsius and I had on three layers of clothing plus my hat!

The schedule said 6km again today, but why do 6km when you can do 7km!  There were 4 of us gathered at 6:45am so we started on our crazy run through the winding roads of Rosedale.  After I praise my Nike+GPS app last week, the GPS decides to go on steroids and thinks I’m running through neighbours’ back yards, into their homes, up and down hills in zigzags. I’d love to show you the crazy route it thought I ran but it won’t let me synch to the website, it’s probably too embarrassed of how poorly it performed either that or even it knows I can’t run 14.9km with an average pace of 2:42 minutes/km.  Our time was 40:23 min for the 7km run which is 5:46 min/km. 

We ended up by the Brickworks on a great path BUT had to run up a crazy hill that almost killed me.  My hamstrings were still pretty tight from yoga on Saturday and my legs decided to stop moving about half way up the hill so I had to walk the rest of the way.  Nothing frustrates me more than quitting half way up a hill and this is the second run I’ve had to walk so I was pretty pissed!  My goal’s now become to run to the top of the damn hill, even if I need to be carried back the rest of the way!

Once we got our breath back from running hills, I convinced them to run my daily sprints with me.  Since I tried doing the sprints outside on Friday and found them much more challenging than on the treadmill, I decided to do them outside again today…and what better to challenge ourselves than to do sprints after a hill…(feel free to insert the word crazy here).  We reached a football field and did the sprints goal to goal, timing each sprint.  This week’s sprints are a little longer than last week, going sprint/rest 20/10, 10/20, 15/15, 15/15, 15/15, 10/50.  Overall, they went quite well.  It’s crazy how long the seconds seem when you’re sprinting and how quickly they fly by when you’re trying to catch your breath. 

We jogged back to the start, making sure that we increased our pace at our last 100 feet, which also happened to be uphill, we were gluttons for punishment today! 

And of course, I went inside to do my sit-ups…which were still not pretty, but I was definitely looking better than last week.  I was able to do the full 50 mason twists without having to take a break or put my feet on the ground.  Now, if only I can do those damn V-ups, roll-ups I’ll be happy!

7 down, 173 workouts to go…


2 comments on “Running in the cold…

  1. I guess I was the only jerk in shorts and a t-shirt!

  2. […] monstrous hill by the BrickWorks.  That was the hill that almost killed me 4 weeks ago.  Here is the post in case you missed it.  I was determined to get to the top and I did!!! It wasn’t pretty and […]

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