Yoga for the tired…

I did an hour of yoga tonight. Not because I don’t think I’m getting enough exercise but because it helps stretch my tired muscles and it helps my sanity! I’m sure I’m going to beat you over the head with the benefits of yoga in my blog but too bad…you need to try it and you need to do it regularly!

Yoga can be done at different levels of intensity and there are so many types out there you are bound to find one you like so don’t give me the ‘yoga is boring’ or the ‘I’m not getting anything out of it’ excuses because I’m not buying it. Yoga is low intensity, it helps strenthen not only your muscles but also your tendons (tendons connect muscles to bone so they can move the body) and ligaments (ligaments connect the bone to bone at the union of the joint). Tendons and ligaments are usually the weakest links in our bodies and are the cause of most of our injuries…twisted ankles, sore knees, elbows…you name it.

Doing yoga regularly and safely, key words here, helps your body stay strong, flexible and relaxed…everything that you need to be injury free. Also, the mental benefits are incredible too. It puts your mind at ease, teaches you to be patient and calm.

Yet so many people I know, especially guys, knock it and refuse to try it. If you’re one of them you’re missing out and you’re cutting yourself short.

Try it…and let me know what you think!



2 comments on “Yoga for the tired…

  1. I was with you until I saw the picture at the end. THAT is my nemesis position! But I do still love yoga and the benefits are amazing. Sometimes I’ll leave a class thinking I didn’t engage my body enough only to wake up the next morning feeling sore and realize I’d had a great workout without realizing it!

    • Yeah downward dog is not as easy as it seems. It works pretty much every part of your body, if done right. Keep at it, your body will thank you for your persistence.

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