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Flying by…

“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude is how well you do it.”
-Lou Holtz, U of S. Carolina football

I woke up today and my upper body is sore, my legs a bit tight, but not enough to convince me to skip the sprints that I had planned for today’s workout.  Because my upper body is so tight from yesterday’s workout I feel like I’m walking around like Arnold, circa 1980…

I was at the gym for 6:45am, met with our running group (me and three guys from work at the moment) and started jogging towards the field where we had planned to do our sprints. Of course our leisurely jog to warm up was all uphill, kind of fitting for the sprints we were about to do.  The field that we’re at doesn’t have a track so we decided to run 10 sprints from football post to football post, approximately 100 meters each.  We sprinted the field length and walked back again as our recovery.

The good thing about doing sprints with guys is that they’re faster so you have a great goal to try to achieve. The frustrating thing about doing sprints with guys is that they’re faster and the competitor in me was not impressed..oh and all the macho guy talk…I swear if they spent less energy trash talking each other, they’d have more energy to run faster! 

I didn’t time how long each sprint took but it was definitely hard to sprint through to the end, keeping the pace the same.  At around 6 or 7, my right quad and hamstring started tightening up and I could feel them pulling. I kept going but instead of concentrating on speed, I focused on lengthening my strides and it worked, I didn’t pull anything! 

Before we started our run this morning we had decided that we’d run at race speed on the way back …you know, because we’re so fit and really wanted to push ourselves. The plan once we were done our sprints was not to throw up on the jog back to the gym!  We were successful, none of us threw up…that I saw…

Once back at the gym I did the abs workout.  The first three exercises were tough since my right quad was still pretty tight but other than that I was feeling much better.  Still can’t get proper form on the v-ups, roll ups but I’m getting there.  I stretched forever because I need it and if felt amazing!

9 down, 171 workouts to go…


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