Counting smounting…

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.”
-Alex Karras

I woke up so sore today that I almost didn’t go to the gym.  My right quad is really tight and my upper body was barely functional so I lay in bed thinking about all the things I couldn’t do at the gym. Here was my train of thought:

  • There’s no way I can do weights, I can’t even raise my arms over my shoulders
  • I can’t do spinning either, my quad is too sore
  • Definitely no treadmill!
  • I just did abs yesterday so they’re out
  • Maybe I could do the elliptical…maybe…

But I’ve spent the early part of this week talking about how you need to know when to stay home and when to push yourself and by this point I was wide awake so I did what any normal person would do, I got my butt out of bed and went to the gym. 

My plan was to show up and do what I can!

I have to preface my workout summary by saying that while my body got out of bed this morning, I don’t think my brain did.  I was very distracted…I kept wondering around they gym, not finding the right weights, losing them, forgetting what exercise was next…and don’t take any of my counts to heart, I must have lost count a million times.  I just kept singing along to my iPhone, which was quite enjoyable, but probably not very productive.

Group 1:

  1. Chest – Standard Push up – 12/10 I wasn’t even able to do one on my feet this morning, but I managed to do 12 and 10 on my knees…very slowly
  2. Back – Wide Front Pull up – 10/10 I had to up the tension on the pull up assist machine because I wasn’t going anywhere!  But once I found a manageable weight I was able to get a pretty good rhythm…and I even held it at the top a few times!
  3. Shoulders – Alternating Shoulder Press – 10/10 I dropped down to 20 pounds today since I was so sore but I was able to do many more than I thought I could so I’ll take that as a win.

Group 2:

  1. Chest – Military Push up – 8/8 I had to go on my knees for this as well and I felt like I was doing them in slow motion and it felt pretty brutal…but then I looked at the number of reps and realized I did the same on Tuesday…so I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought!
  2. Back – Reverse Grip 45 degree pull up – 10/10 Once again, I was able to do just a couple less than last week…and here I thought I was sore.  I think my body forgot it was sore or my brain stopped computing the sore muscles but I felt great doing this one.
  3. Shoulders – Dumbbell Upright Front Raises – 8/8 With my added confidence from the previous exercises, I kept the weight at 15 and I rocked this!  Now this was one where I had to find the weights a couple of times so I think the extended rest added to me being able to do more.

Group 3:

  1. Chest – Wide Push up – 10/12 I could not believe it when I looked at my sheet and saw that I did more than Tuesday!  But this could be chalked up to my creative counting today.  I could have gone 4, 5, 8, 9…who knows.
  2. Back – Dumbbell bent-over row – 12/12 This one felt good too, I kept the weight at 20s and held it at the top.  I was getting so impressed with my body..but again, who knows what the count actually was.
  3. Shoulders – Lateral Raises – 12/10 I did 12.5’s today and it felt much better than the 15s on Tuesday.  My form was better my shoulders still got a great workout and I felt more in control.

Group 4:

  1. Biceps – In & Out Bicep Curls – 12/10 I actually did more reps than Tuesday…I’m shocked and impressed at my bulging biceps 😉
  2. Triceps – Chair Dips – 12/10 Again, I’m astounded that I did the same reps as on Tuesday and I was fresh then…and feeling great.

Group 5:

  1. Biceps – Crouching Cohen Curls – 12/10 I dropped the weights today since 15’s were too heavy on Tuesday.  I used 12.5s and found them perfect.  These curls are so much harder than regular bicep curls, I think they’re using the entire range of the muscle.
  2. Triceps – Tricep Kickback with twist – 12/10 I used 12.5’s today, upping it from Tuesday and was able to keep my reps the same.  I guess when I felt my whole body be tired, it was really only my chest and shoulders so my biceps and triceps were doing great!

Group 6:

  1. Biceps – Hammer Curls – 8/8 I upped this to 15 as I said I would and it was perfect.  I was able to do it well for 8 sets each time, I’m keeping it here for now.
  2. Triceps – Side-Tricep Raises – 12/12 (on each side) Hahaha…I’m going to say that I attempted to do these…on both sides…a few times!  But I couldn’t get my body to raise off the ground…it was quite a pathetic sight.  But instead of quitting and calling it a day, I changed exercises and did tricep pushdowns!  It was only at 12.5 pounds but I was able to do 12 reps and get a great burn

I was thrilled when I was done the workout.  Thrilled that I came to the gym, that I pushed myself as much as I could and ended up getting a great workout.  Once again my body proved that it could do so much more than I gave it credit for.

10 down, 170 workouts to go…


6 comments on “Counting smounting…

  1. Sometimes just showing up is the best part of a workout…Good job!!!

  2. I had such a similar day! I wasn’t in the mood to do anything but just going to the gym makes me feel like at least I accomplished something!

  3. Haha, I haven’t even finished reading this but “what any normal person would do” is roll over and pretend they had slept through the alarm!

  4. Hahaha….yup, you’re right Eden, trust me, I considered that more times than I care to admit.

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