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Going nowhere FAST…

Today was another switch to spin class since my quad is in a knot…I also choose to go at lunch time instead of my regular ‘waking up before the rooster’ routine.  The class was pretty full so I was excited to get a good workout – a bigger class usually means more energy in the room. Sadly that was not the case today and I’m blaming it on the instructor.  She’s a lovely girl, don’t get me wrong, but today her energy level was low and we fed off that. 

I hate when I go to a class and don’t feel like I’m challenged!  That’s partly why I became an instructor…when I teach I can do the class at the intensity that I want and I make sure that I get a good workout.  That and it forces me to go to the class, because as the instructor you have to show up.  When I teach a class I quickly notice how much impact I have on participants’ moods.  If I come in chipper and energetic and I maintain that throughout the class, they’re energetic.  If, halfway through the class, I notice that the energy is dying, a simple “Wow, you guys are really feeling it today, I’m overwhelmed by the energy in here” gets them aware of what they’re putting into the workouts and brings them back from where ever they’ve gone in their heads.. Even making a joke, getting them involved in counting or asking for feedback helps snap them back into it. 

Today, the class was only 45 minutes long…which isn’t much to begin with.  I think all classes should be an hour to allow for a proper warm up, workout and cool down.  Otherwise, if you subtract the time it takes you to warm up and cool down in a 45 minute class you’re left with a 35 minute workout. I’ve seen some instructors really push the participants to get the most out of the half an hour workout but again, not today.  The instructor barely said anything…and as an instructor if you’re not talking at least 85% of the time, you’re not doing enough to motivate and distract the participants.  Especially in a spinning class where you are literally, going nowhere!  I don’t mind going nowhere if I’m feeling the burn and going fast…but we were going nowhere very slowly and painfully! 

I tried to push myself, I tried doing sprint intervals during the seated sections of the songs, I turned up the intensity during the standing hills and I tried not to put any pressure on the handlebars!  As an aside, it drives me nuts when I see people at the gym working out on cardio machines but they’re putting all their body weight on the handles.  I want to scream at them to take their hands off completely cause they’re basically getting half the exercise that they think they are…but that’s a whole other post on the do’s and don’ts of working out at the gym. 

So that was my disappointing sprint class…I did my abs routine afterwards which seemed much easier today, but I’m sure that’s because of my half of a spin workout.

So now I’m pretty pissed off that I wasted my time and didn’t get a workout in…but I’m going to keep the quote below in mind so I’m not completely in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

10.5 done, 169.5 workouts to go…hahaha…I’m kidding, but not really!


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