Running late…

“Put one foot in front of the other, your body will follow.”
– Street performer

After my yoga class last night I was feeling a bit better, but my hamstrings and glutes are still feeling really sore.  So sore that I can’t sit cross legged and definitely can’t lie on my side… 

I thought I’d go for a leisurely jog this morning to get my legs going so that I could do another good stretch and relax them a bit.  When I was training for the marathon last year one of my favourite routes by my house was to go to Kingston Road, run north and across to Eglinton or Lawrence and then back home.  I like the route because it seems like it’s all downhill and you’re sort of running with the wind.  I decided I’d take that route this morning and just come back at Eglinton, figuring I’d run about 5-6kms. 

The first few steps were brutal as my legs did not want to go anywhere, so I slowed down my page and just took it one step at a time.  By the time I reached Kingston Road I was just over 2kms into my run and my pace was pretty good so I decided to go to Eglinton.  I did NOT realize that the Eglingon run is 12KM from my house!  By the time I realized that, I was 5km into the run and so angry at myself for not turning around sooner.  But I had run away from home and really, there was nothing I could do but just keep running to get back.  Sometimes I think that I should take a transit token or some money with me on my runs, but I never do.  I’m not sure I could stand the temptation of jumping on a bus to take me back home.

In the end, I ran 11.5km this morning…which is absolutely crazy and stupid…I know.  The thing is, it was a beautiful sunny day, barely any wind and my songs were helping keep my mind off my legs.  Had it been a crappy day I’m sure I would have been back home at 5kms.  Here’s the link to see the run and my pace is to the right.

I was definitely being cautious and I went slower than I would usually go, but I have to admit that everything was starting to hurt at points, my knees, my shins, my calves…I won’t even talk about my hamstrings and glutes…the only thing I didn’t feel was my right quad…haha, I guess I’ll focus on that positive and say that at least all my stretching has helped it release.  I can still feel the knot in the muscle, but it’s no longer restricting me so I’ll take that as a bonus.

Also, I’m doing my first 10KM run of the year next Saturday so at least I know that no matter how sore my legs are, they’re able to run the distance.  I think I am going to take the training a bit easier starting next Wed so that I am rested for Sunday’s run.  I won’t be happy with running 10KM in 56 minutes.  I’d like to keep it under 52 minutes and ideally would love to do it in 50 minutes…but we shall see.

I went back home, had to talk myself into doing the abs routine.  It’s actually not that bad anymore and I’m even able to do the v-up exercise. My knees aren’t completely straight but I can do it.  I might do it for a week more and then change it up to a new abs routine.  If anyone has one that they recommend or want me to try out and review, let me know.

15 down, 165 workouts to go…


6 comments on “Running late…

  1. An accidental 11K run….WOW! My runs are nowhere near as far. Have I ever mentioned that the name of your blog is awesome?

    • I know, I shouldn’t be complaining about the distance, I just hate feeling like I was stupid and overdid it since my legs were already pretty sore. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that I’m ok tomorrow 🙂

      And thank you, there’s a story behind it. I was helping a friend of mine, Karen train for her first 10km run last year. We would jog in the valley by our house and of course we would end with a hill. As we would run up the hill, I would try to talk about something, anything to keep her mind off the hill. One day, after we had finished the run and we stretching, she told me that she appreciated me trying to talk to her during the hill, but she confessed that she never listened to a word of it. She said that all that goes through her head is “Don’t stop, don’t puke”…and I thought that was a pretty perfect description of determination!

      • No hills for me. I run near the harbourfront so it’s pretty flat. Right now my run is cake compared to what you do! I just started 3 weeks ago and I run 3 times a week. I extend my run 1 block a week. So far I have been doing a great job….it’s hard to find a partner that will run at 5AM though.

      • Don’t compare yourself to anyone, do what you can. You’ve only been running for 3 weeks, I’ve been running for years. The 1 block rule is a great way to go. The other thing you might try to do is run based on time 3 minutes run, 1 minute walk and do that a few times. And either increase the number of times you repeat that as time goes on, or increase the time to run 3 minutes run, 30 second walk or 3:30 run, 1 minute walk…that idea. Let me know if you’d like me to send you a program I built for a beginner runner.

      • Please do send a plan. I have been able to ru without stopping so far. Right now I run in a square, from Jarvis to King to Sherbourne to Queen’s Quay. Every week I move 1 block north.

      • I just sent it, check your inbox.

        That’s a pretty good start….just around 2km…keep it up!

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