“Insanity is knowing that what you’re doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can’t stop it.”
– Elizabeth Wurtzel

I’ve decided to take it a bit easier this week and do less pounding on the pavement in preparation for my 10km run on Sunday…I want to make sure that nothing’s tight, pulling or strained so that I can give it my all and reach my goal of finishing in under 50 minutes.  So I figured instead of a run, I’d do an Insanity video instead…still lots of cardio but less pounding…or so I thought…

I did the full 60 day Insanity workout a couple of years back and since I’ve been training I thought it couldn’t be that bad, so of course I pick one of the craziest exercises…the Max Interval Circuit video, AKA 60 minutes of craziness!

The workout is broken up into a 10 minute warm up, a stretch for 5 minutes, 3 intervals where you do a combination of 4 exercises for 45 seconds each, 3 times per interval and then a final stretch at the end, if you’re still alive.

  1. 10 minute warmup:
    • 4 minutes – you start with a 30 seconds intervals of jogging, jumping jacks with arms up, 3 steps and a high knee, side to side jump ropes, high knees, switch kicks, touch the floor with a jump, side to side floor hops
    • 4 minutes – repeat that craziness again
    • 2 minutes – shorten the exercises to 15 seconds each at high intensity…basically as fast as you can go!
  2. 5 minute stretch – you get to rest for 30 seconds and stretch for 5 minutes to catch your breath
  3. 1st interval – 3 sets of all four exercises, each set lasting 3 minutes so that each exercise is done fo 45 seconds. One minute of a cool-down exercise like jumping jacks followed by 30 seconds of rest
    • Pedal Power lunges – sprints with 4 jumping lunges every 5 seconds
    • Ski Abs/ Pushup Jacks/In and Out Abs/Oblique Pushups – 4 of each…and repeat
    • 2 Punches with Switch
    • Frog Jumps – squat front and back
    • 30 second rest
  4. 2nd interval…same set up as before.  4 exercises done 3 times, for 45 seconds eachOne minute cool down of jumps with side to side punches followed by 30 seconds of rest
    • Hook Jumps – 4 high hooks, 4 low hooks and 4 double knee jumps
    • High knees with upper body twist
    • High low punches to one side with squats
    • Floor Switch Kicks – hands and feet on the ground bum off the ground, start with one leg in the air and switch legs
    • 30 second rest
  5. 3rd interval:
    • Side Suicide Jumps – start standing, jump to a side lunge, come back up and switch sides
    • Squat Hooks – hook punches with squats each time
    • Full Body Drill – Run for 8 in plank, 4 moving pushups, 8 running man and jump up..repeat
    • Plank Punches – punch in front of your head while in plank
    • 30 second rest
  6. 4 minute stretch

Yeah I pretty much died…I was able to do as much as the participants on the tape…which means that at times I was on the floor gasping for air and trying not to die…my legs are on fire, my arms hurt and I have to disinfect my yoga mat from all my sweat! 

Oh and did I mention that I have an indoor soccer game tonight at 8pm…should be fun!

20 down, 160 workouts to go…


4 comments on “Insanity…

  1. Best of luck on the 10K. You should be more prepared than the accidental 11K run!

  2. lol, you are a crazy girl aren’t you?. So you know, today, with the help of yours and the other guest bloggers this weekend, I beat my all time high in clicks for my site, beating the previous PR by overe 30 clicks! Thanks again for your time & your help. Now rest up for that 10k Alex! The insanity will be there when you beat that 10k. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you to you both, I’ll let you know how the 10KM goes.

    Andy you are more than welcome, but you reached those numbers because your blog is amazing and people love the positivity that you bring!! Not much to do with us at all, I promise.

  4. […] to take him on a 10km run with me as he can’t maintain my pace.  Instead, I went back to the Insanity workout I did a few weeks ago to try it again…the Max Interval Circuit video, AKA 60 minutes of […]

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