Core synergistics…

“You can’t keep a good man down — or an over affectionate dog.”

My soccer game last night went pretty well, my legs felt good, my cardio was up, I even scored 3 goals, which is the most I’ve scored in one game all season.  It was the last game of the indoor league so we took it pretty easy as did the other team, so that might have had something to do with it. Tonight I’m teaching 2 yoga classes, one at 6pm and the other at 8pm so I didn’t want to overdo today’s workout.  I’m supposed to do weights but since I wasn’t able to go to the gym to do them, I did Core Synergistics, the P90X workout.

Core Synergistics is a 1 hour long workout consisting of a 6 minute warm-up and the following, usually 1 minute long exercises:

  • Stacked foot, staggered hand pushups (1 minute) – switch ever 5
  • Banana rolls (2 minutes) – start in a banana roll on your back, roll to the side, then belly, back to side, and keep going, holding for 5 seconds on each side.
  • 24 Leaning Crescent lunges (2 minutes) – diagonal lunge, left and right, use weights and send your arms overhead as you lunge
  • Squat run – 1 minutes – in a squat with the left leg forward, pump your arms as if you’re running, use small weights.  Switch feet at 30 seconds.
  • Sphinx Push ups (40 seconds) – on the floor, having your elbows down, push into the hands to lift into plank and lower back down on your elbows.
  • Bow to Boat (2 minutes) – start on belly, hold in bow for 10 seconds and switch to boat, hold for 10 seconds
  • 20 Low Lateral skaters (1 minute) – keep your feet wider than a yoga mat, drag hands to each leg and lift the left leg sideways when the hands are in line with the right leg and drag hands over to left leg to lift the right
  • Lunge & Reach (2 minutes, 30 seconds on each side and switch) –  w/ 10 pound weight, legs wide, pick the weight up off the ground at left leg, put it up ‘on the shelf’ to your right
  • Prison cell push ups (90 seconds) – Start standing, go down to plank, do a push up, bring your left knee in, push up, bring your right knee in, push up, and stand up
  • Side hip raise (20 reps on each side) – on your elbow, lift hip off mat up and down & leg raise, keep hip off mat
  • 30 Squat X presses – toes out wider than knees, with 8 pound weights lift arms up in X and squat down
  • Plank to Chaturanga Run (1 minute) – run in plank for 10 seconds, then go down to your body an inch off the mat and run there for 10 seconds…keep switching every 10 seconds
  • Walking plank (1 minute) – put socks on or something slippery on your feet, and keeping your legs straight, walk your hands forward for 4 and back for 4 staying in plank 4
  • Superman Banana (1 minute) – switch randomly between superman (on belly with arms and legs up) to banana (on back with arms and legs up)
  • 24 Lunge Kickback Curl Press – with 8 pound weights, lunge with one leg, take your arms up by your side for two arm tricep kickback, then do a bicep curl, then shoulder press and finally, a reverse curl, all while in the lunge.  Lunge with the other leg and repeat
  • Towel hopping (1 minute) – roll up a towel, start on the right of it and hop with both legs over it to the other side, try to get your knees up
  • Reach up and under push ups (1 minute) – start in plank, do a push up, turn to the right, lift your right arm up, bring it under your body lifting your hips, take it back up to the ceiling, put it down do a push up and then lift the left arm
  • 50 Steam engines – with your hands behind your head, elbows bent, take the knee to the opposite elbow trying to keep your back straight.  One steam engine is when you’ve done both left and right knees
  • Dreya Roll (1 minute) – start standing, roll back into a ball to roll to your shoulders, lifting the legs to the ceiling, then roll back to standing
  • Bonus round:
    • Plank to Chaturanga Iso (1 minute) – hold plank for 10 seconds, drop your body so you’re holding it an inch from the ground in chaturanga, hold for 10 seconds and repeat
    • The Halfback (1 minute) – 4 large tires forward, 10 high knees back
    • Table Dip Leg Raise (25, 5 each side) – on your hands and feet, bum on ground.  Lift the bum up and hold one leg in the air.  Dip down with arms 5 times, change legs and repeat.

I was able to do pretty much all the exercises.  I struggled to do as many as the superstars in the video were doing for the push ups, and had a hard time with the running plank/chatarunga ones, but other than that, I was killing it! I did have one issue, my dog Trey, keeps thinking that I’m playing with him every time I exercise…so my stacked foot push ups included a stacked dog as well, my banana rolls had Trey jumping over me and I was trying to avoid being licked to death when I was doing my Sphinx Pushups…all in all, a great workout 🙂

I was feeling strong and fit…and then I went back to Julia (my chiropractor) who told me that my legs are really tight…so much for that…but she helped bruise and hurt me…I mean, release everything so I’m feeling much better now.  

So much better, that I might incorporate some of these moves in my yoga classes tonight 🙂

21 down, 159 workouts to go…


4 comments on “Core synergistics…

  1. Awesome!!! Where do you teach?

  2. Rude! Next time bring Trey and he can lick your face while I’m treating you 🙂

    Keep up the good work superwoman!

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