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Top of the hill…

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
– Edmund Hillary

What a difference 3 weeks make…or maybe it was the 2 yoga classed that I taught last night that got me all limber.  We went on almost the same run this week as the first week we started…and I felt so much better!  My shins were pretty sore since Julia worked on them yesterday so I was definitely feeling it today and I had a lift in my left shoe (my left leg is slightly shorter than my right, so Julia recommended I add a lift to even them out).  It’s taking a bit of getting used to as my body feels like it’s on an angle…it doesn’t realize that it’s been on an angle before and it’s finally straightening out!  10 minutes into the run, I stopped feeling my shins or my left foot, my body went into cruise mode and I was sailing.  It’s so odd how when you first begin to run your legs never feel like they can do it.  Then, once you get them going, they feel like they could go on forever.  I swear if everyone could dig deep and make it past the 10-15 minute mark, everyone would be a runner.  I say that on a day when I’ve had a great run…some days I question whether I’m a runner…lol.

The run felt really good, we didn’t do the two hills that we originally did, we only did the one, but this time I was able to make it up to the top, without stopping and without puking…so I’ll take that as a sign that I’m much stronger than I used to be.  Here is today’s route and time.  We went for 6km, which was a pretty good run.

We started out strong, slowed down at the hills and on the trail but picked it back up towards the end.  This time I didn’t feel like I was trying to keep up with the guys, I felt like I was running along side them.  A few times I actually wished they’d speed up so that I could get more of a challenge, but then I remembered that I want to take it easier this week to prepare for my 10km on Sunday.  Got to put the competitive spirit at bay sometimes.

Coming back to the gym I was able to do the full P90X ab workout with no problems.  It wasn’t a walk in the park by any means but I was able to finish it and was not dying like I used to be a few weeks back.  So much so, that I’m going to look for another ab routine, one that I can’t finish so I can work up to something new to keep challenging my body.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a killer ab workout?  I’m entertaining any and all ideas.

Overall, today was one of those amazing days when you realize how far you’ve come, how much stronger your body is than when you began and how much more you can do.  I love days like this!

22 down, 158 workouts to go…


One comment on “Top of the hill…

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