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Mercedes Benz 10KM…

I took it easy yesterday, went to the chiropractor and did a yoga class to stretch my legs out so I’d be in prime shape for this morning’s 10KM race.  We got into Oakville right on time, found a great parking spot and just had time to take a quick shot of me flexin’

The weather was great for running, a cool 13 degrees and overcast.  They had called for rain and the skies were pretty gray but we were hoping that it would hold off just in time for us to finish.

I loved the Oakville run as there weren’t that many people there, just over 700 participants for the 10km run which meant you could start off strong and not have to wait for those around you.

I started my Nike app a bit earlier as we were waiting to cross the finish line, but I don’t think it’s calibrated right, or their markers were a bit off as it started telling me that I was finishing a km about 20 feet before the marker…but as the race went on the distance was farther and farther apart, which made it hard to gauge what my pace was and if I was going to make the 50 minute mark. The pace kept telling me I was around 4:40 km/min which was amazing but I wasn’t sure how much time I was taking to actually get to the marker.  Here’s the course and what my GPS said:

I definitely started off very strong, probably faster than I should have, but we’ll blame it on the adrenaline.  I started to get a little slower around the middle of the race.  The rain started at around 5km, but it was a soft spring rain which felt amazing on the run.  The route was also pretty flat, with only a slight hill…the best you can wish for!

I used a girl in front of me as a pacer but I overtook her at the hill as I was powering through 🙂 so I found another girl and tried to stay with her.  I find challenging myself to stick with the person in front keeps me focused on something else than every step and helps me push myself.  I kept telling my legs that they were fine, I told my quad it wasn’t tight and I told my hamstrings that they wouldn’t tweak themselves…call me crazy but I swear sometimes your body does listen to what you tell it.

I felt like I really pushed myself once I saw 2km to go and stepped on the gas at 9km, but looking at the time, it doesn’t reflect that at all.  I sprinted the last 200 meters, so much so that Danny only managed to get a blur of me whizzing by, but by the time I stopped my phone, it marked the last km as slower than I was…looking at the pace, I can see that I had a strong last km and once I turned the corner and saw 49 minutes on the clock I gunned for it to make sure I beat my goal of 50 minutes!  Here are some pictures of the end…I was too fast for the camera 🙂

  • My official race time was 49:00 (on the dot).
  • I came in 128th out of 710 runners,
  • 7th out of 97 women in my age group
  • 21st out of the 361 women in the race.
  • My average pace was 4:55  – A PERSONAL BEST !!!

 It’s results like this that make all the training worth while, I could not be happier with my time and performance! 

But I have to say that all the support and the teamwork also went a long way.  It’s so much more motivating when you have a team that you’re running with and people waiting and cheering for you at the end.  Here’s our proud group at the end, everyone did an amazing job!!


One comment on “Mercedes Benz 10KM…

  1. Great job!!!

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