Triple workout…

I was planning to go for a light run yesterday but the wind warning in Toronto was a little much and I didn’t feel like risking an obstacle course of broken branches and garbage cans …although that might have been great training for Tough Mudder… 

So instead, I woke up early today to do a 45 minute Insanity workout…Max Cardio Conditioning.

10 minute Warm up, no break in between the parts:

  1. Part 1 for 4 minutes, 30 seconds of each exercise: jog on the spot, jumping jacks with straight arms, side to side jump rope, high knees with straight arms up, switch kicks, one arm hit the floor, side to side floor jumps
  2. Part 2 for 4 minutes again, no stop after the first round,  same exercises as above but you need to do them with higher intensity and faster…
  3. Part 3 for 1:20 minutes, no stop in between all out for 15 seconds each:  on the spot sprints, straight arm jumping jacks, heisman side to side, side 1 2 3 step with knee, high knees

By the time I was done I was ready to take a shower…I was exhausted and beat!  Good thing the stretch is so long in between, it almost feels like he’s tricking you into 2 workouts.

5 minute stretch

26 minute workout:

  1. 3:40 minutes at medium intensity, 45 seconds each:  high/low side to side jabs with jumps, football drill – on the spot sprints with drop to low plank, 4 basketball jumps with 4 hops to other side, right kick only, left knee only
  2. 6:30 minutes at high intensity, 60 seconds each: diamond jumps, 4 in – out abs & 4 jack pushups, burpees, 8 high knees 8 low knees, 8 running man in plank, ski abs
  3. 4:45 minutes of recovery exercises, 1 minute each:  step back with front kick left and then right leg, squat twists, side to side jumps
  4. 4:40 minutes at medium intensity, 1 minute each: 2 squats on left and switch, power knee right, power knee left, two legged ski hops with hook
  5. 6:20 minutes at high intensity, 1 minute each: alternating squat with kick, squat to touch ground shuffle forward and squat and shuffle back, push up abs with knee to shoulder, plank punches, 8 2 legged jump ropes 8 squat hops, speedbag in squat

It’s crazy that he gives no time for water here.  Some of these exercises are pure killer and the fact that you’re doing them for a minute is crazy.  The football drill where you have to drop into a low plank every time he says drop was ridiculous, I don’t think I was ever on my feet.  By the end of it I probably looked like a rag doll…a very sweaty and tired one.  The two legged diamond jumps are hard too..in fact that whole high intensity sequence is inhumane!

4 minute Cooldown – aka, time to puke, pass out, puke while you’re passed out, try to crawl to your water bottle, yell for help…give up in a pile of sweat!

Overall, a great workout !!  This is exactly how I felt..good thing I have no mirrors in my house:

Then…I got into work and agreed to do a Nike Training Workout with a friend at lunch…since I was pretty dead from the morning workout, we choose a 30 minute workout from the Get Lean, Intermediate level called Slim Effect:

  • 3 minute warmup
  • 1 minute wood chops with weight
  • 1 minute side to side one legged ski jumps with medicine ball
  • 1 minute 90 degree abs
  • 1 minute squat jumps
  • 1 minute squat with shoulder press
  • 30 second alternating froggers
  • 30 second tuck jumps
  • 30 second rest
  • 1 minute squat with trunk rotation
  • 30 second burpees
  • 30 second squat jumps
  • 1 minute v-ups
  • 1 minute plank row to shoulder press
  • 1 minute 4 squat with 180 jump
  • 30 second split jumps
  • 30 second scissor jumps
  • 30 second rest
  • 1 minute 2 feet lateral hops
  • 2 minute alternating forward lunge with shoulder press
  • 1 minute frogger with swivel
  • 1 minute russian twists
  • 1 minute cleans
  • 30 second alternating froggers
  • 30 second planks
  • 1 minute distance jumps
  • 1 minute crazy ivans
  • 1 minute plank with leg lift
  • 1 minute v-ups
  • 3 minutes stretch

If you’d like a description of these exercises, go to my Fast and Fierce blog posting where I go into detail about them.  Needless to say I was beat…and sweaty once again.  But I have to say, I’ve definitely had my water intake for the week in half a day!

Tonight I’m teaching yoga (hence the triple workout title)…can you guess what we’ll be doing…lots of stretching and maybe if I can get away with it a nap in there as well 🙂

26 down, 154 workouts to go…


2 comments on “Triple workout…

  1. Sticking with the right routines, you have to do is pounds instruction. The best ab instruction workouts aren’t the boring crunches and situps that you’re used to performing. Keep in mind, an ab physical exercise has to do two points. Move your torso toward your hip or hip toward your torso AND supply resistance in this motion. Perform your ab muscles like you perform every other muscle and you will see fantastic outcomes.

  2. […] in case he changed his mind.  We put on the Nike Training App and did the Get Lean, Intermediate, Slim Effect workout again.  It’s a really good full body workout, it’s only 30 minutes long and gets you […]

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