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With a little help…

“Success in anything seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving.
They make mistakes but don’t quit. They hang on after others have let go.”
– Unknown

Today was a tough one…my schedule was thrown off as I wasn’t able to workout in the morning and I didn’t have time to go to the gym at lunch time either.  You know that quote that says “Workout in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing” that’s me.  By the time I get home from work, the last thing I feel like doing is going to work out.  The only way I workout after work is if I’m booked to teach a class or if I arrange to workout with friends.  Otherwise, it’s pretty much a bust.  Because I know myself by now, I always plan my workouts in the morning or at lunch.  Today I was in the annoying predicament of having to workout when I got home from work. 

Since I didn’t want to do it on my own I asked Danny if he’d do the workout with me.  I was shocked when he said yes, but didn’t wait any longer to start working out in case he changed his mind.  We put on the Nike Training App and did the Get Lean, Intermediate, Slim Effect workout again.  It’s a really good full body workout, it’s only 30 minutes long and gets you sweating in no time.  When I was shocked when he said that it was done too quickly and wanted to keep going.   To keep going we choose an Ab routine.  We went for the Get Focused, Core Crunch workout.    Here is its breakdown, 1 minute exercises repeated 3 times for a total of 15 minutes:

  1. V-ups – on your bum, knees bent, hands supporting you on the ground, bring your knees and chest together and extend out
  2. Full extensions – on your back, legs slightly off the ground, start with a weight over your head, and bring your knees to your chest and the weight around your knees
  3. Suitcases – on your back, legs bent with ball or weight in between your knees, bring your knees to your chest and crunch up
  4. Side plank raises – on your elbow, legs straight, lift your hips off the ground and pulse them up
  5. Frogger with swivel – in plank, drive your knee to your opposite elbow

We had done most of these exercises in the Slim Effect workout so doing them again, with no break and for so longer was starting to take a toll.  After the second round of suitcases, minute 8 of 15, we called it a day.  Our form was way off and we were starting to strain our bodies as our abs were done! Had it been in the morning I might have had more energy or more determination to keep going…as it was I had nothing left. 

I don’t regret stopping, we had a great workout and it was really fun working out with Danny…he gets huge props for doing it with me.  He’s right, the time passed pretty quickly!  I say it time and time again but working out with friends is so much better than doing it on your own.  You’re able to take your mind off the workout by talking and joking with each other, somehow swearing through the exercises lessens the pain and somewhere in there you find more energy to keep going….that and you catch up on the week’s gossip!

So tell me, how do you work out?  What tricks do you use when your motivation is lacking?  What do you say to yourself to get off the couch? 

28 down, 152 workouts to go…


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