Running stairs…

“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.”
– Joan Welsh

It was a gorgeous day and I haven’t run in a while so I took Trey and we went to the park.  To push myself a little further, I ran every stair on route…and added a few hills for good measure.  I was really feeling great about the run, my legs were good, my pace was strong, I was able to push through the stairs…and then I realized, that at every single set of stairs, there was Trey, nonchalant, waiting for me at the top. I actually stopped to take pictures of him as it was embarrassing. 

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  • The first photo, he’s already run up the first flight of stairs and now he’s sniffing the trees while he waits for me to go up.
  • The second, he’s reached the top and he’s kindly waiting for me to get up there…lordy. 
  • The rest are him making it up the hill way before me.  

It was more than comical as his little legs are beating me up the stairs, down the stairs, he found time to sniff trees, play with other dogs and do sprints along the way to catch up to me. 

Here was our route.  We ran a total of 8km, it took us just over 50 minutes, I’m sure Trey would have done it much faster but he has to wait for me!

It did occur to me half way though that the difference between him and I, other than the fact that he has 4 legs so he has a slight advantage, is that he’s not looking at this as exercise.  He’s thinking of it as a trip to the park to play and is taking full advantage of all the places that we’re exploring and all the freedom that he has.  What if we looked at life that way, what if, instead of going out to run 5km and aiming to finish in 23 minutes, we went to run by the lake to see the sun rise or we went to feel the sand between our toes….

29 down, 151 workouts to go…


4 comments on “Running stairs…

  1. Great quote!! Keep up the running!

  2. “…he’s not looking at this as exercise.” Trey is a smart little dude!
    Really enjoyed your thoughts and inspiration today…Have a great weekend and be well!!!

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