It’s a hill, get over it…

“It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.”
-Henry Ward Beecher

We woke up early today to go for a run in our favourite rich neighbourhood, Rosedale.  My GPS was acting up at first, so I stopped it and re-set it at half a km.  I think because I’m starting it and putting it in my pocket right away, the GPS doesn’t have time to find my location and spends the time jumping from back yard to back yard thinking I’m superwoman.  It ended up working in the end so that’s all that matters. Here was the run it mapped.  Overall I think we ran 7.5km. 

Nick was feeling very energetic this morning so he led the run.  As we passed by the spot where we usually go up the hill, I couldn’t help but be happy that we weren’t doing it.  That was until I realized that he was running towards the monstrous hill by the BrickWorks.  That was the hill that almost killed me 4 weeks ago.  Here is the post in case you missed it.  I was determined to get to the top and I did!!! It wasn’t pretty and it was quite slow, but I kept my legs moving, I didn’t stop and I didn’t puke…felt like it, but I didn’t!  Had I had any energy left I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t!  I was barely able to walk. 

The hill came at the 3km mark as you can see by that great time that we clocked!  The good thing about being done the hill was that I thought the rest of the run would be downhill…so my legs were starting to get their stride back, anything feels easy after you’ve done a hill!

But of course, Nick had other things in mind and he took us to the 2nd hill…you know the one that we had passed earlier, the one I was glad we weren’t doing…so of course, up the second hill we went.  To be fair, this hill isn’t as steep as the first one.  It’s longer, but it’s not as steep so my legs were able to go a bit faster…and when I say a bit faster please note that a baby crawling would have probably passed me.  But still, they kept pushing through it and I made it to the top!

The run where I wasn’t able to make it to the top of these two hills was March 26th…exactly 4 weeks ago.  What a difference 4 weeks make!  And looking at our pace for the kms which didn’t include hills, we were doing really well.  I was very impressed with today’s run.  Thanks Nick…I think.

I got back to the gym to do abs…I haven’t done the P90X ab workout in a while so it was good to try it again, and it feels even better now that I’m able to do it fully.

I’m going to do yoga tonight as I can feel my legs burning…but it’s a good burn!

31 down, 149 workouts to go…


10 comments on “It’s a hill, get over it…

  1. Awesome run! Good thing you didn’t stop nor did you puke. What is your average time for a 5k on flat ground?

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