Stubborn quad…

My right quad was not happy after the run yesterday.  Even with yoga last night, it was still pretty tight.  Unfortunately I’ve got a packed day today so I can’t give it the rest it needs…I’m counting down the days until I see Julia to have her work it out again.

At lunch, we went to do our Nike Training App workout.  There were 3 of us today so there was no way I was backing out.   We did the ‘WipeOut” in the Get Lean, Intermediate section…half an hour workout, full body.  These Nike routines are a great way to see your weakness.  Omar has a crazy strong upper body so he killed all the push up & tricep exercises.  Cris and I have stronger legs so we found the endurance exercises easier.

  • The warmup was a 2 minute jog, 1 minute back peddling, 1 minute high knees, 1 minute slide and glide and 1 minute rest – we jogged on the spot for 2 minutes, did jumping jacks for one minute and high knees…we were not going to run around the gym!
  • Side lunge with Rotation, 1 minute using a medicine ball – a good exercise to start on, not too challenging.
  • Push Up with feet on medicine ball, 30 seconds – all of us were able to do this…Omar of course killed it for the full 30 seconds but we held our own.  Our balance on the ball is definitely better after doing it a few times.  Thank you Muscle Memory!
  • Modified Burpee, 1 minute – The modified version has you stepping back and up instead of jumping, I did the full version and jumped for the minute, it was a nice way to get the cardio up.
  • Sumo Squat with Press, 1 minute – Just a squat with a shoulder press, this was pretty easy
  • Plank, 1 minute – A minute does not pass by fast enough.  I concentrated on pulling my abs in and trying not to tense my legs or shoulders.
  • Recover, 30 seconds – phew!  Time to wipe the sweat off!
  • Squats, 1 minute – not too bad here, my quad didn’t bother me at all.
  • Push ups with feet on medicine ball, 1 minute – One minute for this is exaggerated.  I can’t do push-ups for a minute straight with my feet on the ground, let alone on the medicine ball.
  • Split jumps, 30 seconds – This was not easy at all and the 30 seconds couldn’t be done faster!  In a lunge position, you jump and switch the legs…this is a killer exercise.
  • Recover, 1 minute – very welcome after the split jumps
  • Squat jumps, 30 seconds – These are becoming easy and redundant, but I think my quad appreciated the break.
  • High knees runs in place, 30 seconds – It was hard to keep our knees up and our abs tight by this point so it was good that they only asked for 30 seconds
  • Wall sits, 1 minute – hard but doable…our legs were shaking by the end
  • Side plank, 1 minute – I love the 30 second switch, it comes just at the right time.
  • Tricep Dips with straight legs, 1 minute – I was actually able to do quite a lot of them.  I think I had to stop at 50 seconds which is quite impressive.
  • Crazy Ivans, 1 minute –  you sit down, legs bent, feet on ground holding a medicine ball.  You start the ball touching the ground to your left and take it up to the right…after 30 seconds you change sides.  I started with my legs off the ground here but my quad was hurting so I kept them on the ground and just worked on my range of twisting to make it more effective.
  • Russian Twists, 1 minute – similar to the Crazy Ivans but this time you take the medicine ball left and right to the ground only.  I kept my legs on the ground for this one and had to fight to keep it going for the full minute.
  • Single leg deadlift with arm curl, 2 minutes – our balance was much better than last time.  Looking down on the ground definitely helps!
  • Medicine Ball Tricep Push ups, 1 minute – straight legs, with hands on the ball, go down to a tricep pushup.  Not even Omar was able to do a proper one of these…can anyone do this…I want to know.
  • Plank, 1 minute – this sucked…it was long…I tried to count 10 seconds in my head to make the time more manageable but it didn’t help.  I stuck it out but barely.
  • Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds – doing this right after plank is just cruel!  Good thing it was only for 30 seconds.
  • Walking Lunges, 1 minute – these were pretty easy, glad we were able to catch our breath here.
  • Tricep Dips with straight legs, 1 minute – I couldn’t keep this up for as long as last time.  At 30 seconds I had to stop, but I started back up again with 15 seconds to go.
  • Squat Jumps, 30 seconds – I love the last exercise…I always find a bit of energy to do it.
  • Cool-down – 2 minutes of stretching.

Overall, this program has become do-able for all of us so we’re going to change it on Thursday and do something more challenging.  I’m glad we didn’t overdo it today because it helped me stretch my quad out a bit. 

As we were working out, there was a girl near us that was stretching her quad.  She was standing, holding onto a wall in front of her, as she was holding her ankle and taking her foot towards her bum.  But then she started pulling on her foot up and over as if she was trying to get her foot to touch the wall in front of her…lordy…

Here’s my two cents on how to properly stretch your quad without tearing the muscles:

The most well known quad stretch is done standing.  Bend your knee behind you, grab your ankle or foot and pull it towards your glute to stretch the front part of your leg (aka your quad).  Sounds simple enough, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Stand up a straight as you can
  • Try to push your hip forward a bit to keep it extended
  • Keep your knees in line and close together, with the bent knee pointing down
  • Hold the stretch for 30 seconds


  • Let the knee go out to the side
  • Bend forward while you stretch
  • Arch your back
  • Take your foot past your body causing your knee to go behind the straight leg
  • If you’re doing this stretch on the ground, do not put your knee on the ground for extra leverage
  • Think you’re gumby and overdo it! 

I’m teaching my first spin class in a few months tonight at the gym and then teaching yoga afterwards so if my quad can make it though spinning, I should be good for yoga.  Spinning could turn into a comedy of errors tonight as I’ll have to figure out how to hook up my iPhone to the stereo system, I’ve changed the songs so I’m going have to remember what I call out & when and I’m not sure how many people will come since it’s a brand new class.  Should be interesting, I’ll fill you in on how it goes tomorrow. 

32 down, 148 workouts to go…


4 comments on “Stubborn quad…

  1. Great workout! It looks like a lot of intense, functional exercises. 🙂

    • Thanks! I was impressed with the quality of the workouts that the app has. As you go into the more advanced workouts they use less weights and more body weight exercises.

  2. I saw the girl stretching too! I thought maybe she was part of Cirque de Soleil or something. That did not look comfortable. You should have given her a lesson Alex!

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