Not running with friends…

So.. my chiropractor (and amazing friend) Julia told me to take some time off since my quad is acting up again.  I went and saw her this morning, she worked on it and it felt amazing.  It felt so good that, in excitement, she said “Wow, I can’t believe that the things I do actually work”…hahaha… Jules, your hands are magic!

So I told her that I would take it easy tonight…Jules stop reading now!

Because I didn’t end up agreeing to go for a jog with a few girlfriends at the park this evening.  I didn’t decide to jog 4km to get to the park where we met and I didn’t continue to run with them the for another 5km, nope I didn’t do any of those things.  I stayed home, took an epsom salt bath and relaxed my quad just like she told me to! 

This was not me tonight:

This was what I did tonight:

If I had gone running with my girlfriends, I would have talked about how much I love spending time with them exercising. We push each other, focus on the week’s gossip instead of every step ahead of us and take turns setting milestones for us to pass (to the bridge, to the post, to the curb…).  It would have been an amazing run in the valley, where it was surprisingly quiet for such a great day to run. 

Love you Jules…I can’t wait to see you Saturday!


4 comments on “Not running with friends…

  1. Hahaha oh Alex! If you don’t want to me to keep tabs on you through your blog, definitely keep tagging me when you write about me, it doesn’t spark my interest at all 😉
    Can’t wait to get my hands on you on Saturday, we may need that 5 hour appointment after all!

    • I’m not sure what you’re talking about. You told me to go home and take an epsom salt bath and that’s what I did…lol!

      I’ll clear my calendar on Saturday and will be bringing coffee (NOT Second Cup)!

  2. Haha I love this post! I think we all train and push ourselves sometimes when we are supposed to be resting. As fitness lovers its in our nature!! Go get it!

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