Getting stronger…

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”
-Ronald. E. Osborn

I need to get stronger still as I want to start doing upper body plyo exercises and I don’t think my upper body’s quite ready for them yet.  I went  back to my regular workout, without thumbs still to strengthen my upper body and my grip/forearms.

Group 1:

  1. Chest – Standard Push up –10+10/4+6 I did 10 proper push ups and 10 more good ones on my knees!  wohoo… 20 pushups here I come!
  2. Back – Wide Front Pull up – 12/10 I used the pull-up assist machine and put the weight assist at 70.  It was easy at first but I wanted to make sure my form was good…by the 6th one it got hard so I stuck with it and pumped a few more out.
  3. Shoulders – Alternating Shoulder Press – 15/10 The definition in my shoulders is amazing, it’s such a big difference from a month ago…I lost count checking my arms out…I’m kidding…

Group 2:

  1. Chest – Military Push up – 3+7/3+8 I did 3 military pushups without my knees on the ground…twice!!! I was over to moon about it!
  2. Back – Reverse Grip 45 degree pull up – 12/10 I got fancy and held the pose at the top of the bar…definitely killed by forearms and back.  I had to stop at 12 because my arms were on fire.
  3. Shoulders – Dumbbell Upright Ts – 13/12 I stuck with the 10 pound weights and checked out my shoulders some more…hahahaha, any distraction is welcomed!

Group 3:

  1. Chest – Wide Push up – 11/10 Feeling good I tried to do one pushups off my knees but I think my body was pretty exhausted already so my back started arching.  Still good numbers though so I’m not complaining.
  2. Back – Lat Pulldown – 8/8 I changed this from a dumbdell bent-over row to a lat pulldown today since I wanted to do more pulling with my back.  I had the weight at 75 pounds and was able to do 8 of them before my arms were no longer able to hold the weight…I’m sure I would have done more had my thumbs been able to help.
  3. Shoulders – Lateral Raises – 15/12 This is the worst exercise out of them all without my thumbs since gravity is pulling the weights down and my fingers are the only things that can hold it up.  I used 12 pound weights and my fingers, hands and forearms were struggling!  Not such a good shoulder workout, but an amazing grip workout.

Group 4:

  1. Biceps – In & Out Bicep Curls – 15/12 I have no idea how I pumped 15 of these out the first set without using my thumbs…but I’m not complaining
  2. Triceps – Side Tricep Raises– 14L, 14R/12L, 12R I really don’t like this exercise but keeping it early in the workout is proving to be very successful so I’m keeping it.  Doing one side at a time takes forever plus a day…blah…

Group 5:

  1. Biceps – Crouching Cohen Curls – 10/9 No thumbs, 15 pound weights and no wall for support…this one felt good!
  2. Triceps – Chair Dips w/ ball – 11/11 Ok so after I crushed this last week, I actually fell off the ball today at 11.  I couldn’t stabilize with my arms and they gave out 😦  Let’s hope the video doesn’t show up on YouTube.

Group 6:

  1. Biceps – Hammer Curls – 8/8 My right elbow keeps going wonky and pushing out…it’s so odd but clearly my right arm isn’t strong enough to hold the weight without my thumbs. 
  2. Triceps – Tricep Extension– 15/12 I didn’t want to do the press-downs anymore since I’m too strong for the 12s and too weak for the 24s so I did a tricep extension instead with a 15 pound over my head.  It was pretty good…I like this much better than the side raises or dips!

My favourite part of the weight workouts is seeing the gains that I make every week.  It’s so fulfilling to see that the effort I put in makes a difference.  They’re not big, but they’re improvements…I can do more proper pushups, more reps, more weights, my shoulders are more defined, my arms don’t fall off…it’s amazing and I make sure that I’m thankful for them all.  The setbacks, I completely forget, focusing on them does no good!

34 down, 146 workouts to go…


2 comments on “Getting stronger…

  1. Can’t begin to tell you enough how great you are doing!!!

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