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This morning’s run…

I was planning to run on Friday, but then I got home and saw the state of our yard after the rain we had on Thursday.  It was turning into a jungle, with Trey thinking the weeds were trees for him to go to the bathroom on, so it was clear that I had to do something about it.  An hour and a half later, my legs, arms, back were killing me…so I figured that counted as my daily exercise routine and called it a day!  

 Since I didn’t go for a run on Friday, I had to get my butt out of bed and go this morning.  I decided to go for 10km, since the Sporting Life 10km run is this coming Sunday.  I took my flat, set route that I always do, but it was pretty hard to run it.  My stomach hasn’t been quite right since yesterday morning so that probably had something to do with it…and every time I stopped at a red light it was pretty hard to start back up again. I did it though, didn’t whine or complain but was so glad to be done and get into the shower. 

I’m going to do yoga tonight to stretch out my legs.  My quad seems to have calmed down a bit but I’ll lay off on doing hills until after my run on Sunday so I’m not aggravating it.

39 down, 141 workouts to go…


One comment on “This morning’s run…

  1. AAHH, the good old morning runs!

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