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Slim Effect…

Today’s workout was picked by Cris, my Nike Training Club guru.  It’s the last 30 minute workout in the Intermediate Series of Get Lean and it was pretty tough!  By the end of it we were counting down by 10 reps, trying to wipe the sweat from our eyes and resorting to swearing! 

Here were the exercises:

  • warmup, 3 minutes – it was really crowded at the gym so we weren’t going to do slide and glide, back pedaling or opposite skips.  We ended up running on the spot and doing high knees to raise our heart rates. 
  • wood chops, 1 minute – holding a dumbbell, start with your legs together, weight over your head, jump into a wide-legged squat and drive the weight down to the ground in-between your legs, as if you’re cutting wood.  This was hard to do for a minute, even when fresh
  • ski jumps to cross back lunge, 1 minute – holding a medicine ball in your hands, jump from side to side, taking your other leg behind you…I like this one, I feel very graceful
  • 90 degree abs, 1 minute – in plank, take one leg into your chest and then extend it to the other side of your body, horizontally…not easy at all!
  • drop squat jumps, 1 minute – no weights, jump into a wide legged squat and back up.  Our legs were starting to feel all these squatting exercises
  • sumo squat hold with shoulder press, 1 minute – holding your legs into a wide squat, press your arms up overhead
  • alternating froggers, 30 seconds – in plank, jump one legs to the outside of your shoulder, as you jump that leg back, the other comes forward.  Good thing this is only 30 seconds.
  • tuck jumps, 30 seconds – jump both knees to your chest…and try not to collapse.
  • rest, 30 seconds – good thing cause we were both beat at this point and in serious need of water!
  • squat rotation, 1 minute – legs hip width apart, squat and as you come up, do a shoulder press and twist to one side.
  • burpees, 30 seconds – start in a plank, jump both legs to the hands, and jump up in the air with your arms overhead.  Jump back down into plank…killer!!!
  • squat jumps, 30 seconds – these aren’t that bad, legs hip width apart, squat and jump up into the air. 
  • v-ups, 1 minute – sit on the mat, hands supporting you behind you, bring your knees to your chest and extend them away from you
  • plank row to shoulder press, 1 minute – hold your weights in your hands and start in plank.  Pull each weight to your shoulder one at a time (obviously), then jump your feet to your hands and stand up to do a shoulder press.  Jump back down and repeat.  My dumbbells were round, not hexagonal…it was fun trying to balance in plank…
  • squat flips with 180 degree turns, 1 minute – legs hip width apart, squat 3 times and then jump 180 degrees to face the other way and squat 3 times again
  • split jumps, 30 seconds – in a lunge position, jump as high as you can switching your legs in the air.  
  • scissor jumps, 30 seconds – in a lunge position, stay low as you switch your legs…try to stay down…we sort of turned this into the split jump above after a while because our legs were jello.
  • rest, 30 seconds – I think we pretty much collapsed here. 
  • 2 feet lateral hops in place, 1 minute – keeping your legs together, jump from side to side.  We both agreed this was a rest exercise from the craziness before…and enjoyed every second of it.
  • alternating forward lunge to shoulder press, 2 minutes – lunge forward and do a shoulder press as you’re in the lunge.  I did not hear the ‘alternating’ command so at 30 seconds, I switched legs…we both did not hear the 2 minute command so at 1 minute we cursed!  I alternated my legs for the 2nd minute 
  • frogger with swivel, 1 minute – in plank, drive each knee to the opposite shoulder…great for your abs, but killer!
  • russian twists, 1 minute –  sit down, legs bent, feet on ground holding a medicine ball.  Take the medicine ball left and right keeping it close to the ground. We were able to keep our legs off the ground for the whole minute here…a clear indication that we’re improving! 
  • cleans, 1 minute – I still hate cleans…I’m not even sure how to describe them!  Stand feet hip-width apart, holding weights.  Squat with the weights hanging down, as you come up flip the weights so you’re holding them up, elbows down and fall back into a squat to ‘catch’ them..straighten your legs and repeat.  Watch this video to see what I’m trying to say, Cris and I looked like morons doing it. 
  • alternating froggers, 30 seconds – Why do we have to repeat only the exercises I hate…
  • plank, 30 seconds – I think this was about the time we started counting down the seconds, our arms were jello.
  • broad jumps, 1 minute – keeping your legs together, jump as far as possible.  This is a great plyo exercise and you feel it right away.  Had this been 30 seconds, we would have still been dripping sweat.  I felt bad jumping next to this lady doing her situps, as I hope I wasn’t dropping all my sweat on her. 
  • crazy ivans, 1 minute – sit down, legs bent, feet on ground holding a medicine ball.  Start the ball touching the ground to your left and take it up to the right…after 30 seconds you change sides. We started with our legs off the ground again but at 30 seconds we were putting them back down so we could keep going
  • plank with leg lift, 1 minute – we were supposed to keep our one leg lifted for 30 seconds but at this point in the routine that seemed impossible.  I alternated lifting each leg for 30 seconds…I think that’s good enough!
  • v-ups, 1 minute – we were counting down the seconds here….saying 10 more reps, 5 more reps…ok last 5…until the voice counted down the last 5 seconds. 
  • cooldown, 3 minutes – this was a welcome surprise, we thought we’d be stretching for only 2 minutes but we were glad to be done!!

We were so glad to be done!  Both of us red faced, sweating, legs all wobbly…a sign of a great workout!  Now I get a bit of a break before I go teach spinning and yoga tonight…who’s in.

40 down, 140 workouts to go…


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