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Lazy yet responsible…

I’ve had a relatively lazy week.  After the 3 workouts I did on Tuesday, my quad started acting up again so I rested it, didn’t do any running and plyo’s, just went to the chiropractor to get it better.  The Sporting Life 10k is on Sunday so I want my quad to be fine for that, no need in being stupid and pushing it now. But after 2 days of rest I started feeling sluggish so I went to the gym today to do weights.

And since I was rested, I was actually quite better than last time, which is wonderful 🙂

Group 1:

  1. Chest – Standard Push up –11+10/3+8 Yeay I got up to 11 and was able to do more on my knees too!
  2. Back – Wide Front Pull up – 5+5/6+4 I figured I should try only 50 pounds on the pull up assist and was able to crank out 5.  I put it down to 60 to keep going and did 5 more.  The second time around I started with 60 pounds and went down to 70 after 6 reps.
  3. Shoulders – Alternating Shoulder Press – 12/8 I kept it at 25 pounds and did 12 reps…pretty soon I might have to go to 30 pound dumbbells…that’s if I can pick them up!

Group 2:

  1. Chest – Military Push up – 4+6/4+5 Yeay for 4 proper tricep pushups…and I did them twice 🙂
  2. Back – Lat Pulldowns– 8/8 I did 8 at 90 pounds the first set, and 8 at 82.5 pounds the second set…
  3. Shoulders – Dumbbell Upright Ts – 10/8 Since I was on fire today I upped my weights to 12 pounds and only did 2 less reps each set than last week when I used 10 pounds.  12 pounds it is from now on.

Group 3:

  1. Chest – Wide Push up – 4+6/2+8 I got off my knees…(did a little happy dance here)..and I did quite a lot of them too…I was so impressed with myself….hahaha…sad I know.
  2. Back – Bentover Long Bar pull – 12/10 The bar was still being used, so I did a benover row using a long bar instead.  I used a 60 pound bar.
  3. Shoulders – 90 degree Lateral Raises – 10/8 I upped it to 15 pounds and didn’t drop it on my feet!  But my grip gave out on me at about 10…still not a bad number so I’m sticking with it.

Group 4:

  1. Biceps – In & Out Bicep Curls – 14/14 Hmm…I think I might need to go up to 17 pounds on these.  Let’s hope they have the weight next time.
  2. Triceps –One arm side tri rises– 12 & 12/12 & 12 I thought I’d do these today and at 12 reps each it went pretty well.  I just hate how long these take.

Group 5:

  1. Biceps – Crouching Cohen Curls – 10/8 Argghh, my lower back started hurting here so I stopped.  Not sure what that was about…maybe cause I did 2 more than last week..who knows.
  2. Triceps – Chair Dips w/ ball – 12/10 Not too impressive, but since I upped my military pushups earlier, I’m good with this.

Group 6:

  1. Biceps – Hammer Curls – 8/8 My right elbow isn’t jutting out at all now, it’s nice to see that it got with the program.
  2. Triceps – Tricep Extension– 12/12 I kept my elbows in and it was hard work…so glad to be done.

I’m really glad that I dragged my butt to the gym to do this, I feel really good about these numbers.  I’m just going to do yoga tomorrow so I’m fully ready for the 10km downhill run on Sunday…phew…should be tough..hahah

41 down, 139 workouts to go…


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