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Sporting Life 10km…


I think I’m destined to always run races in the rain…but if I end up running a personal best every time, I won’t complain. The run starts down Yonge Street, so we left our jackets at the car and figured we’d come back quickly and wouldn’t be too cold afterwards because the sun would surely come out.  I love the Sporting Life run because it’s downhill for the first 7km and pretty flat the rest of the way.  I started in the first corral, the under 48 minutes, since I wanted to push myself and see if I could do it under 48 minutes.  Here I am excited before the run.

I started the first km way too fast, with a time of 4:17.  After that I kept speeding up and slowing down trying to find a pace that was maintainable but trying to push myself at the same time, a bit of an oxymoron.  How can you pace yourself when you’re running downhill?  I have to say that I felt the km’s were flying by.  Pretty soon I looked up and was already at the 5km mark and I was feeling a little sad that it would soon be over….crazy right…

I absolutely killed it, I’m so glad that I took it easy this weekend and let my legs rest, they were on fire!  By the variance between 4:20 and 4:40 splits, I can see that I was trying to push it, and then realizing that I was going to burn out, I was trying to pace myself…it’s so funny how I try to rationalize and plan out my runs.  I think way too much!

My official stats were:

  • Race time:  47:20
  • Chip time: 46:53 (new personal best)
  • Class placing:  74 out of 1,649 women in my age group
  • Gender placing: 338 out of 10,147 women
  • First 5km:  22:57 minutes
  • Second 5km:  23:57 minutes
  • Average Pace: 4:44 km/min

I didn’t realize that they held corrals back for them to let traffic through the race, so Karen didn’t start her race until I was almost done!  So I waited, walked around, grabbed some water and chocolate milk and chatted with friends.  The organization of the race left a lot to be desired, but with such a huge crowd, 25,000 runners in total, I’m not sure how they could have done a better job.

Here we are at the end, next to the wall of inspiration. 

Nike donated $1 for every sticker on the wall.  They gave runners a pinny to put on our backs that said NEVER.STOP.______ and they left the blank for runners to enter our personal motivational messages.  I was very original and wrote NEVER.STOP.TRYING.

I’m going on vacation on Thursday…and after this time, I think I’ve earned it!

42 down, 138 workouts to go…


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