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Spinning away…

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”
-Robert Orben

After my 10km run on Sunday, I did a yoga class yesterday and I taught spinning and yoga tonight.

It’s only my 4th week teaching spinning so the people in my class are still relatively new to spinning.  As such I have to keep the class simple, with options to keep it light so I don’t scare people away.  I like my classes to be pretty intense and I want people to feel like they gave it their all and really had nothing more left in the tank at the end of the class.

But with newcomers, I also don’t want to scare them away…so I have to start slow, giving them easier and more intense options and work up from there.  Last week, I had someone request latin music (I let people request songs or themes since it makes the class much more fun if the like the music and can sing along).

Here was tonight’s spin class:

  1. Ritmo de la Noche, Safri Duo – 6:24 min warmup
  2. I turn to you, Melanie C – 4:11 minutes – 3/4 tension on the bike, adding 10 second sprints to get used to the bike and the tension
  3. Can’t hold us down, Christina Aguilera feat Lil Kim – 4:32 minutes – start at 6 tension on the bike, stand up and add tension every 30 seconds
  4. And she said, Lucas Prata – 4:03 minutes – 3/4 tension on the bike, sprinting at the chorus
  5. Summer Love, Remember – 4:13 – 5/6 tension on the bike, stay out of the saddle with 10 and 20 second sprints
  6. Yeah, Usher – 4:09 – 7/8 tension on the bike, to the count of 8, sit up, push forward, and sit down.  Then speed it up to the count of 4 and then to the count of 2 at the end
  7. Lola, Chayanne – 4:15 minutes – 5/6 tension recovery, sitting with a few light sprints
  8. Rain over me, Pitbull ft Marc Anthony – 3:38 minutes – 4/5 tension on the bike, sprints at the chorus
  9. She’s like the wind, Lumidee – 4:14 minutes – 7/8 tension on the bike, at the chorus keep your shoulders still
  10. True Believer, E-Type – 3:43 minutes – 2/3 tension on the bike, sprint/rest 10/10, 20/10, 30/10, 40/10, 30/10, 20/10, 10/10
  11. Because the night, Cascada -5:50 minutes, 4/5 tension on the bike, seated sprints: turn up tension, stand, sit for sprints without touching the tension
  12. Loca, Shakira – 3:25 minutes, 5/6 tension on the bike, standing up, lean forward with sprints at the chorus
  13. 2 cooldown songs

After the class, I had yoga and my legs were pretty done…

I’m leaving on vacation to Cuba on Thursday so you probably won’t hear from me until I get back, but don’t worry, I plan to alternate between running on the beach and doing some of the Nike Training Club workouts while I’m there.  I’ll take lots of pictures and tell you all about how hard it was to workout on the beach 🙂

44 down, 136 workouts to go…


One comment on “Spinning away…

  1. Hmmm…I wonder if you managed to get any of those workouts in while on vacation in Cuba?

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