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Back from vacation…

“No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.”
~Elbert Hubbard

My week long vacation in Cuba was awesome!  I had all the best intentions to train there, I brought workout clothes, my iPhone to run to, my workout schedule…I was ready and pumped! 

Day 1 I went for a run on the beach first thing in the morning.  The sun was shinning, the alcohol in  my system hadn’t hit me yet, it was feeling great…until I started running.  Hmm…running in the sand was not as easy as I remember it and even though I ran by the water, it felt like I was running in place.  Then trying to breathe was another challenge, it was so muggy and hot, I was dying.  My aim at a 10km turned into a 5.5km run and that was because as I was running I had a stray dog come and join me and he ran alongside me for a good 2kms.  I felt bad as I hadn’t packed any sausages or water with me on the run so I couldn’t give him anything to eat…but I seemed to need the drink more than he did, he had no problem running on the sand, I was dying. 

I was really glad to be done the run and I drank water and nursed my blisters the rest of the day..so much for the pedicure I had two days before…my feet were swollen and blistered after that run.  I was barely able to walk the second day as my calves were so tight so I figured I might as well enjoy my vacation, stop being stupid and causing more blisters and injuries to myself and stopped.  After a week off, I’m hoping that my quad is now better as well as I have my first outdoor soccer game tonight.  I’ll give you the play by play tomorrow.

I did workout on Saturday when I got back, I did a 45 minute Nike Training Club workout.  The Get Lean, Advanced workout called Adrenaline.  I didn’t like it…it wasn’t full body and there were way too many rests.  Here’s the workout:

  • warmup, 5 minutes – 2 minutes light job, 1 minute back pedaling, 1 minute slide and glide, 1 minute high leg kicks
  • break, 1 minute – why would you break after a warmup?  I kept going with the high leg kicks
  • ski jumps, 1 minute – holding a medicine ball, jump laterally, balancing on the landing leg, with the other leg behind you
  • squat jumps, 1 minute
  • plank walks, 1 minute – start in plank with straight arms, bend down on your elbows and back to straight arms, alternate between left and right arm
  • jump rope, 1 minute – I didn’t have a skipping rope, so I did skips with my arms up
  • rest, 1 minute – I just kept skipping to keep my heart rate up
  • alternating step back lunges, 2 minutes – with weights
  • kick downs, 1 minute – lying on your back, legs straight in the air, take the legs down to an inch from the floor and back up
  • modified tricep pushup, 1 minute – I did 18 of them…thought that was pretty good
  • rest, 1 minute – I skipped again
  • repeat the section in red – 5 minutes
  • repeat the section in blue – 5 minutes
  • repeat the section in red – 5 minutes
  • repeat the section in blue – 5 minutes
  • alternating step back lunges, 2 minutes
  • mountain climbers, 1 minute
  • hip lifts, 1 minute
  • cooldown, 5 minutes

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the workout.  Not enough arms, not enough abs, no variety, too many breaks and it wasn’t even a 45 minute workout, the warmup/cooldown took 10 minutes and there were 7 minutes of rest in there…so 17 minutes were a waste of time.  I’m not doing it again! 

45 down, 135 workouts to go…


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