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Monkey bars….

If you’ve been reading my posts, and I hope you all have, you’ll know that the biggest challenge for me at Tough Mudder will be the monkey bars!  The rest of the obstacles I think I have covered, but the monkey bars have become my arch nemesis!  I see little kids on them at the park and it drives me nuts that they can do it.

Since we just got back from vacation last week, we spent this weekend in denial, going to the beach every day, pretending we were still in Cuba.  On Saturday we noticed they had monkey bars at the beach so Danny asked me if I wanted to go try them.  Since there were about 10 kids playing there, all easily hanging out on the monkey bars, twirling, changing directions…you know playing around on them carelessly…I didn’t want to make a fool of myself and I said no.

On Sunday, there weren’t any kids there, but not because I beat them all in a jealous rage the day before…I promise 🙂   So of course I wanted to try them to see if I could maybe just hang on them for a while…and guess what….I did it!!! 

Look at me go:


I had to do it a few times to give Danny enough time to take action shots so by the end of it my palms were pretty sore, but I was able to go from one and to the other 3 or 4 times, going 2 bars at a time – the bars were very close together and I’m not sure I could have gone all the way if I was doing them one at a time. 

It was an amazing start and I was able to hang on enough to get the hang of it…literally, so I played with using my hips to give me momentum, pulling up with my shoulders and arms to get me to the next bar, it was pretty exiting!  I can tell that might left shoulder is stronger than my right as it was easier to get over and pull myself up but you know I’m now going to the beach every week to practice!  I figure if I’m able to hang on and do these 6 times back and forth, I’ll be able to do the monkey bars at Tough Mudder…

I know, it’s pretty pathetic that I’m so happy over being able to go on the monkey bars, I get it…but too bad!  Now if you need me, I’ll be soaking my hands in cold water, they’re a little sore 🙂


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