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“We must have had 99 percent of the game. It was the other three percent that cost us the match.”
~ Ruud Gullit

We had our third soccer game of the season last night.  We were going for our third win against a team that’s not particularly strong and were probably too cocky for our own good!  Oh, and for those not living in Toronto, we played in a torrential downpour, where we could barely see the linesman on the other side of the field for the rain. 

Unfortunately, we played down to the other team’s level, hoofing the ball up the field instead of making small passes since the ground was wet.   By the end of the first half we found ourselves 2-0 down even though the other team had been in our end for a total of  5 minutes the whole half.  The referee had a nightmare of a game, calling everything on a whim or not calling anything at all…I swear a blind man would have been more correct just making random calls. 

In the second half he gave them a penalty shot so we went down to 3-0 and sent off one of our players for subordination…or was it cursing at him, I forget, either way he deserved both.  We came back 3-1 with 10 men down, but unfortunately we weren’t able to hold the ball as much as we wanted and to get control back of the game while playing short and in the damn rain. 

The last time I played in weather like this I was in University and I didn’t see the point of it then either.  Nothing good can come out of playing in pouring rain… you can’t control the ball, you can barely run on the sopping field and it doesn’t matter how hard you kick the ball, it will only move a foot in the puddles.  The field is now ruined, my clothes have been in the dryer for an hour and they’re still wet…oh and I can barely walk because of all the blisters on my feet…overall it was an amazing night. 

I have recently had a root canal and I can honestly tell you, if I had to choose which to do over again, I’d go for the root canal!  

But I still love soccer


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