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Just F’ing Train…

I attended the Toronto CanFitPro conference today, the largest fitness conference in the world. Taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the 3 day conference has over 5000 attendees, 400 sessions with presenters from all over the world. Presenters include Peter Twist, Tanya Beardsley (of Zumba fame), Tosca Reno (author of The Eat Clean Diet), Tommy Europe (host of Bulging Brides and The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp) and many more.

The Opening Ceremony’s Keynote Speaker was Simon Whitfield, straight from the 2012 Olympics. With a fractured collarbone, Simon came up to speak to us about how he’s trained for the past 3 Olympics and what he’s learned.

So humble and down to earth, Simon talked about how once he set his goal of winning, that was not what he focused on everyday. Instead he focused on training, or as he put it JFT, just f’ing train. He focused on getting himself physically prepared by swimming 5 days a week, biking 6 days a week and running 7 days a week for a total of 35 hours a week of training…and then coming home to his wife and 2 daughters! He surrounded himself with people who were just as dedicated as him and who he trusted and had his best interests at heart.

He talked about how the only thing he could control was how prepared he was when he stood at the starting line….everything else was out of his control (a little more foreshadowing than he would have liked). Does he regret what happened, of course he does, that was not how he had envisioned the race going, but he knows that he did all he could to be as prepared as he could be for that race, and therefore has no regrets!

His last piece if advice was to ‘Get obsessed and stay obsessed’ with whatever you love…thank you Simon! Thank you for being an inspiration, for setting such an amazing example for all to follow, for what you’ve done for Canadian sports…and for being so humble!


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