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What’s next…

“I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face.”
~Johnny Depp

I named this blog Finding New Challenges because, for me, that is what life is all about…it’s about trying new things, challenging yourself mentally and physically and constantly going out of your comfort zone.  There’s no better feeling than achieving your goals and proving to yourself that you can do it!

I realize that I’m a little extreme with my activities, so I’m not asking everyone to go run a marathon.  All I’m asking is that you set a goal and go for it!  Make a plan, stick to it as best you can, give it your all…and forget everything else!  Otherwise, where’s the motivation to get up every morning?

So now that I’ve achieved my goal for this year, what other crazy challenge should I go for next year?

Here is a list of events that my friends have recommended I do:

  • ENDURrun – running 160km in 7 events over 8 days.  As much fun as training alone for a marathon was, I think I’ll have even less luck finding friends willing to bike or even drive their cars next to me while I go for 160 kms, plus I like my joints and the bits of cartilage I might have left in my knees…so I think I’m going to pass on that for now.
  • Adventure Races– Teams receive a map and a set of instructions on which locations they need to visit and what modes of transportation they will use to get there. Some instructions give hints on how to get from one point to another, but the most exciting races keep the route details deliberately vague. Adventure racing has a variety of race lengths and difficulties. Urban 4-6 hr races are the easiest events because they take place in the city, where you can take transit and they’re usually means easier to navigate. Wilderness races are the next most challenging mostly because you’re navigating in forests. One day races aren’t too bad, but multi-day races introduce the challenge of sleep management and maintaining mental focus when checkpoints are sometimes days apart. This seems pretty cool, but again finding friends crazy enough to do this with me will be challenging.
  • Triathlon – There are a few options for the triathlon:
    • Sprint distance, the shortest of the Triathlons, it’s 750 metres swim, 20 km cycling, 5 km run
    • Intermediate or Standard distance is1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run.  
    • The Long Course, also known as the Half Ironman is the 1.9 km swim, 90 km ride, 21.1 km run, 
    • The Ultra Distance, aka Ironman is 3.9 km swim, 180 km ride, and a full marathon 42.2 km run

So I think, I’m going to go for a Triathlon next year.  I know I know I can do the running but to be honest, I’m worried I’ll drown!  I can swim and tread water, but put me in a pool amd after two laps my whole body is jello and I can’t walk, so I’m not sure how I’m going to swim any significant length in a lake!  I’m going to look into joining a triathlon group, get myself a bike and start taking some swimming lessons to improve my form and endurance.

I’ll keep you posted on my races and training plan!


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