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Got my butt kicked…

woman-exercise-run-tired-300x263I went to the gym today and tried a Nike Training workout.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the most advanced one but figured I could do a 45 minute workout…I’ve been working out doing yoga and swimming but not much cardio and today it showed…I was out of breath, struggling to keep my form and counting down the seconds for each workout.  I’ve been busy with work and gotten in workouts here and there were possible and I thought that I was fine and maintaining my cardio.  I guess it just goes to show how easy it is to kid yourself into thinking that a few, low intensity workouts a week cut it…they DON’T!

I’m going on vacation Jan 5th, and the plan was to get a new workout plan for when I come back, but today’s workout was a good eye opener at how much endurance I’ve lost.  Last time I was in Cuba it was so much harder to run there, the hot and sticky air makes it hard to breathe and running in sand is so hard on your calves and legs that I struggled to run 5km, when I could easily run 10km here.  I was planning to go for a few runs while I’m down there this time and right now I know I wouldn’t be able to do it…so I’ve got just over a week to increase my stamina and cardio so that I can run on the beach without dying!  It’s tight, but I think I can do it.  I’m going to alternate intense cardio workouts with swimming or low intensity workouts so that I don’t overdo it and kill myself in the process.

At the end of the week, I’ll do the same workout that I did today and compare the difference….so to start off, here was today’s workout, Adrenaline Hit, 45 minutes:

  • warmup, 5 minutes – the warmup called for 1 minutes back-peddling, 1 minute high knees, 1 minute walking lunges, 2 minutes light jog.  I didn’t do the back-peddling as I didn’t want to run into the machines at the gym, so I replaces it with jumping jacks.
  • recovery, 2 minutes – I didn’t see the need for recovering for 2 minutes after warming up, so I did walking lunges for a minute and running on the spot for the other minute, but looking back on it now, I should have taken it easy and listened to the workout!
  • squat hold, 1 minute – I was able to hold the squat for a minute, but by the end of it, my back was starting to bend
  • plank row to burpee, 1 minute – using 10 pound weights, I held the weights in my hands while in plank.  I pulled each weight up and over my shoulder one at a time and jumped to my feet to my hands and stood up to do a shoulder press…and then repeated. 
  • tuck jumps, 30 seconds – I was glad this was only 30 seconds as I was dying by the end
  • mountain climbers, 1 minute – in plank, I pulled each leg up to my chest, almost in a run.  I started out really strong but by 30 seconds I had slowed down and was counting down the seconds to the end.  I did stick through it to the end though
  • single leg deadlift with shoulder press, 2 minutes – one legged deadlift, with a shoulder press at the top.  I did the right leg ok for a minute, but I think I pulled my left hamstring doing it with my
  • russian twists, 1 minute – sitting down using a medicine ball, I had my legs off the ground and was taking the ball side to side, touching it on the ground.  My legs went to the ground after 30 seconds, but I stuck with it to the end.
  • broad jumps, 1 minute – 2 legged jumps for distance, these were a nice break from the workout and I was able to do them…
  • recovery, 1 minute – thank God!
  • 2 feet lateral hops, 2 minutes – jumping sideways with both feet, two left and two right.  I started off strong here but towards the end of the second minute, the jumps were less high and much shorter.
  • pushup to swivel, 1 minute – from standing, I walked forward into a plank, did a pushup and then pulled my left knee to my right shoulder, and my right knee to my left shoulder.  I was great to have the break from walking up and down from the plank.
  • split jumps, 30 seconds – in a lunge, jumping up to change the front leg. This was killer, even only for 30 seconds.
  • plank walks, 1 minute – in a plank, I went down on my elbows and back up onto my hands.  I found that by the end of the minute, I was loosing the control in my abs.
  • squat flips with 180 degree turns, 1 minute – 3 squats, to a 180 jump.  I loved this one, it was pretty easy and helping me catch my breath.
  • side planks, 2 minutes – I could not do this for a full minute on one side, so instead, I alternated sides every 30 seconds.
  • recovery, 30 seconds – I paused the workout and took a 2 minute break here cause I was dying.
  • squat hold, 1 minute – instead of holding this on my own, I used the wall instead as I wasn’t going to be able to do it on my own
  • plank row to burpee, 1 minute – I was able to do this for a minute but the burpee was hard by the end
  • tuck jumps, 30 seconds – yeah this didn’t happen…instead of tuck jumps, I did high knees.
  • mountain climbers, 1 minute – I was able to stick with it for a minute, but my legs were definitely not at the speed at which I started with.
  • single leg deadlift with shoulder press, 2 minutes – with my left hamstring strained from the first time around, I did 10 on my right and 10 on my left…but was barely able to balance
  • russian twists, 1 minute – I was only able to do this with my legs on the ground
  • broad jumps, 1 minute – argghh…it was hard to breathe doing the broad jumps this time around…
  • recovery, 1 minute….again 2 minute break here as I was out of breath!
  • 2 feet lateral hops, 2 minutes, I started this strong but by the end of the 2 minutes, it was pretty pathetic
  • pushup to swivel, 1 minute – this was a great break from the hopping, my lungs were thankful!
  • split jumps, 30 seconds – I did attempt this…it was slow and painful and the 30 seconds felt like they went on forever
  • plank walks, 1 minute – a great break from the jumps, although by the end my arms were jello
  • squat flips with 180 degree turns, 1 minute – I didn’t mind these at all, maybe because I knew it was getting towards the end of the workout
  • side planks, 2 minutes – once again, I ended up breaking it up into 30 second planks on each side, instead of the full minute.
  • cooldown, 5 minutes – hallelujah, I was dead!  I hit the sauna afterwards to try to stretch and catch my breath…

Here’s to wishing I can get out of bed tomorrow…


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