Tabata training…

Since the aim is to increase my cardio and I went pretty hard yesterday, today’s workout was a series of Tabata exercises followed by a half-hour swim.  I read the Men’s Health article showing a few Tabata options the other day so I thought I’d try it out.  Danny was up for it as well so we went to the gym, I took out the Tabata timer app and went to it:

First serieTabatas:

  • High knees
  • Mountain climbers

Second series:

  • Seal jacks
  • Push-up jacks

Third series:

  • Skater jumps
  • Plank to push-up

Overall, it was a 14 minute workout and we were out of breath the whole time.  The push-up jacks were by far the hardest exercise, and there was no way I was adding push-ups to the planks on the third series.  I was sore from yesterday’s workout as well, which I’m sure didn’t help, but we stuck through it.  It’s funny how 20 seconds seems like a lifetime during these workouts!

Afterwards, I went swimming for 20 minutes (I love that the gym has a pool)…it was harder than I remember it being, but I’m not surprised as my arms and shoulders were jello from yesterday’s workout so it was to be expected.  I did about 20 laps of the pool, followed by a few minutes in the hot tub, which I figured was much deserved!

Day 2 was pretty good…tomorrow will be an hour of spinning and yoga to stretch everything out!


2 comments on “Tabata training…

  1. Tabata is definitely tough, but for me I noticed rapid improvement as opposed to my traditional workout routines.

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