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Spinning & Yoga…

“Everyone can do Ashtanga. Except lazy people.”
~Sharath Jois

This weekend’s workouts were the classes I had to teach: spinning and yoga.  I was still pretty sore from all the workouts this week so it took me a while to get my legs moving in spinning but the energy in the room was terrific, I turned up the music and we had a great time.  I love teaching in the new studio, I can see everyone’s faces, I don’t have to scream for them to hear me and the bikes are terrific! A great facility makes such a difference in the experience that you have in a class.  The bike seats don’t make you feel like you took a beating, the dial on the bike tells you what your tension is at and what RPMs you’re cycling at.  There’s a timer on the bike that tells you how long you’ve been cycling for, which is great for me as an instructor as I can use the clock as a timer for the  sprints.

I had a pretty advanced class and we pushed through the songs, probably more than I should have as once I got off the bike to stretch, my legs seized up and I could barely move them.

spinning studio

The great thing about being the instructor is that you can teach pretty much whatever you’d like, so once I got to the yoga class I told them we’d focus on legs … specifically stretching out the legs (because mine were in dire need of stretching).  I was so sore that I wasn’t able to go down from plank into cobra so I had to put my legs down first and lower down slowly…lol.  The hour long stretching really helped my legs, but as the day went on, my left calf tightened up and then my hamstring…so I took Sunday off, but made sure to drink lots of water and walk around lots to keep the muscles from tightening more.

My plan was to do some plyo exercises tomorrow, but if my leg is still sore, I’m going to focus on my upper body tomorrow instead…we’ll have to wait and see.


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