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Having fun…

“Any way to make a workout feel like playtime is great.”

My plan to break the Vertical Plyo workout into each exercise and track my success by counting the number of exercises I could finish worked wonders.  I was able to finish 14 exercises and while I didn’t track the number I didn’t finish, I don’t think there are 20 exercises in the whole workout!  I felt so good and so much more encouraged than last time and really it was all because I came up with a way to focus on my successes and to ignore my failures…and let’s be honest, there are too many failures that we go through every day!

Insanity-Asylum-300x300Yesterday’s workout was Game Day, an hour workout using drills based on sports…soccer, baseball, swimming, football, basketball….you name it.  It’s the longest workout in Asylum and it’s non-stop plyos but I absolutely loved it. It’s so funny how when you do something you truly love, the effort required doesn’t seem as bad and the time flies by.  I was sore all day and I’m still in pain today but it was second nature to me and I loved the challenge. 

I’d recommend that when you decide to workout, you pick something that you truly love doing.  If you love to run, find a gorgeous path and enjoy the fresh air and the view, if you love to dance, take classes…If you’re not sure what you like, get out of the gym and try something new…yoga, Muay Thai, spinning, swimming, biking…whatever it is, but get off the rut of the elliptical machine and the endless reps of weights (unless you love it of course) as you won’t be able to stick to something if you don’t enjoy it and you dread doing it.  Life’s too short to watch the seconds tick by on the treadmill!


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