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Finished Asylum…

“The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.”
~ Unknown

Today was my last Asylum workout!  I have to admit that the last week has been the most challenging of all, maybe because the holidays are close and my schedule is busier, maybe because the end was so close that I could see it in sight or maybe because I knew the workouts and knew what was waiting for me after I clicked play…regardless, I stuck with it, did my best and celebrated the small wins every day.

Here were my results, Day 1 and Day 30 of the The Fit Test:

Fit Test Results

  1. Agility Heisman – I remember finding this easy the first time so I’m not surprised that I didn’t do that many more this time around.  I’m not sure how many more anyone can do in a minute.
  2. In and Out Ab Progression – This exercise has driven me crazy all month as it’s killer and today was no exception.  I was so frustrated as I kept touching the ladder trying to go fast so I feel I wasted a lot of time just fixing the damn ladder…I would have loved to do this again, as I’m sure I could have gotten more.
  3. Pull ups/ push-ups – I didn’t do as many as I would have hoped here either but I definitely felt I was going deeper in the push-ups.
  4. Mountain Climber Switch Kicks – I felt really good on these, 20 more than the first time I tried it, I’ll take it
  5. Agility Shoulder Taps – I was shocked that I didn’t get more than last time here as I felt I was going really fast…
  6. X Jumps – oh yeah, killed this one!
  7. Moving Pushups – I felt really good with the pushups, I really feel I improved on this, it felt good to do as many as I did, even though they got pretty shaky towards the end
  8. Agility Lateral Shuffle – 16 was a huge improvement over the first time I tried this…it felt great doing it.
  9. Agility Bear Crawl – urgh, I hate the bear crawl, doing 8 felt pretty good, definitely felt stronger than the first time I tried it.

Overall, I really liked Asylum.  It was a great 30 day program, with a great variety of exercises.  I didn’t find it as intense as Insanity as it doesn’t involve plyometrics every day.  With the weights and the body weight toning workouts, it gave my body a good balance of exercises without overdoing it.  Overall, I feel much stronger and much more in control of my body. 

Huge props to Tony Felgueiras, the BeachBody Coach that worked with me daily, keeping me honest and pushing me to go further in the workouts.  If you have 30 days and want to take a stab at Asylum, I highly recommend you speak to him first to get started! 

So now, I have to find a new workout…


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