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Down to the last second…

“It’s going to be a journey.  It’s not a sprint to get in shape.” 
~ Kerry Walsh Jennings

Today marked the end of Week 1 of Insanity Max:30!   It’s been a challenging week, where I could barely lift my arms above my head to shower, I wore flats because I was too sore to walk in heels and I had to fight through the soreness to get out of bed and start the workout, hoping that the warmup would give me my mobility back.  I can’t say that I feel any improvements yet, my body is just too sore  for me to be focusing on doing things faster, higher or for longer.  At this point, I’m focusing on finishing the longest 30 minutes of my day.  

And when my body is this tired, I’m mostly fighting the voice in my head that so badly wants to quit.  And even as I count down to do the exercise just 10 more times, and then maybe just 5 more, I find that I give up one second too soon.  I hear Shaun T counting down to 3, 2 and I collapse to the floor.  I make up excuses, I’m not stopping too soon, I’m just moving on to the next move…it’s my ‘transition’.  

Countdown 3 2 1

But the truth is, that’s a cop-out, I’m giving up one second too soon.  And while one second doesn’t sound like a lot, that one second is the extra push that’s going to get me stronger and that will eventually make me go faster, higher and for longer. 

So, my goal for next week is going to keep going until the countdown hits 1.  Even if I need to take a break during the exercise, I’m going to get back into it and finish on the 1.  

I hope you’ll keep me honest…



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