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10 Reasons I work out…

Why I work out“Why?”  The single question I get asked when I tell people I’m doing Insanity Max:30!   They look at me confused, grimacing as they watch the demo video wondering why I would put my body through this torture.   

I don’t do it because it’s easy and although I’m 2 weeks in, I have to admit that I’m at the point where it’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed each morning and push play.  The workouts are intense and there are many times when I ask myself the same question…why do I do this?

So…here are the reasons I stick with it:

  1. Because I love the feeling of knowing I’ve accomplished so much before 7am
  2. Because after having 3 knee surgeries, I know what it feels like to start from scratch, having to build up my strength and agility and I don’t want to go back to that feeling
  3. Because it starts a domino effect, helping me make healthy food choices, making sure I cut down on alcohol the night before and I get to bed early to make sure I’m rested
  4. Because it keeps me competitive in soccer, even when playing against 20 year olds.  These workouts help me get the stamina, the speed and the endurance I need to go the entire 90 minutes
  5. Because of the freedom that it gives me to try new activities on a whim, knowing that my body is strong enough to handle whatever I put it through
  6. Because I love my shape, the curve of my shoulders, the definition in my legs, the way my jeans fit 
  7. Because it’s a part of me, it’s my identity.  I’ve been active ever since I could remember and it’s part of who I am.  I feel balanced and calm during the days when I’ve worked out in the morning  
  8. Because I prove to myself that I can do it, that I’m strong enough mentally and physically to not give up…which translates into every other event in my life
  9. Because it inspires others to be healthy and active, giving them that extra push to get out of bed in the morning or make healthy choices in their lives
  10. Because it reminds me that I’m a strong, confident woman, especially on days when I start doubting myself

These are my reasons.  What are yours? 


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